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All user reviews of Britax Go

7 parent reviews
  • Lightweight and solid chassis
  • Wide base (good center of gravity)
  • Large number of reflective elements on the chassis, seat, cot
  • Easy folding
  • Suitable for taller parents and toddlers (we're 180-190 cm)
  • One-handed maneuvering
  • Easy handling with wheel brake
  • Spacious basket
  • The seat cannot go to a full recline
  • Higher price

A great "vehicle" for the city or even to the forest. Easily maneuverable stroller, spacious carrycot - my daughter lasted until 8m and she was not a tiny baby. The seat goes in and against the direction of travel without unnecessary adapters. Easy folding into the car "in one piece" without removing the seat.

An excellent pram


An excellent pram. We have it from birth - up to when my little lady got bigger.

  • excellent handling (very well positioned centre of gravity, many strollers are difficult to handle if you put the stroller upside down and in the lie-flat position, this one rides perfect even in that position)
  • it's sprung
  • quality workmanship (for example, when handling the canopy it does not click like other strollers, so there is no risk of waking a sleeping child), the chassis does not crack, it does not wobble even after 3 children, it does not pull sideways after a while
  • huge basket (priceless)
  • excellent handle (you will appreciate its practicality in public transport or if you have a stroller at home in a small hallway)
  • superb folding (easy and, most importantly, the stroller folds inside so you don't get it dirty)
  • small front wheels (solved by the Go Big version)
  • the pushchair cannot be fully reclined or completely upright (sitting upright can be solved with a belt behind the backrest, reclining can only be solved by buying newer versions)
  • the handle in front of the child can not be gate-opened (but we did not miss it)
  • not the lightest nor the most compact

The stroller is really good and despite its drawbacks I consider it one of the best on the market. Now, if I were buying a stroller, I would choose the Go Big version. I am only reviewing the pushchair / seat part - we did not have a bassinet / pram setup with this stroller.

  • Huge space under the stroller, I have my own shopping basket in it
  • Superbly cushioned
  • Swivels in both directions
  • Can be folded as a whole facing both directions - even with the seat attached
  • Can be washed in its entirety
  • Short canopy
  • Thin apron
  • Cracking handlebar cover
  • As a minus I also give the reclined position that is not completely lie-flat, but it can be made by a tailor

The best stroller I've had in my hands. I could imagine some improvements, but that's just my opinion :)

  • Weight
  • One-handed handling
  • Rocking suspension
  • No-maintenance wheels
  • Huge basket
  • Reversing seat
  • Spacious seat for baby
  • Slightly worse compactness
  • Design may not suit everyone

For me the best functional stroller, and even though the design is a bit strange and it discouraged me at the beginning, this stroller excels with a fantastic ride. No squeaky wheels, huge basket, swivel and spacious seat, nice sun canopy...

It is suitable for mothers who use the stroller daily - whether in the city or in the countryside. It doesn't excel in compactness, but there's not that much difference compared to other strollers, and in case of need, the wheels can be removed. I don't find it heavy either. But the advantage is that it folds with the seat in, so it doesn't make the interior or the footmuff dirty; and also that it stands on wheels when folded, which is fine with me.

I haven't used the bassinet, but it's super spacious, so I really rate this stroller highly because it offers everything an active mom needs. As a bonus, once my son didn't want to walk... I sat him down in the basket 😄👍

The newer versions have a sun visor (that I made myself) and a lie-flat... I have a reducing insert, but I don't use it.

An excellent pram


An excellent pram, the best for me so far.

It handles beautifully

  • Quite spacious for the baby
  • Large basket
  • Partly sprung chassis
  • My two-meter tall husband doesn't trip over the stroller when he pushes it
  • The paint doesn't fade
  • Easy handling
  • Impractical apron on the bassinet (at least for the 2016 version)
  • Foam wheels
  • The rubber handle of the stroller cracks over time and cannot be cleaned properly

The 2016 version had an apron with magnets on the bassinet and only where the canopy is, so as soon as the wind blew, it flew away.

Otherwise it handles beautifully, pushes easily, the colours don't fade with the sun or washing, it is quite stable (except when riding in public transport - it flips backwards when braking and the bus is taking a corner).

Quite a spacious bassinet. The seat unit can be put up and for napping, but it cannot be put fully upright. Unfortunately we were talked into the foam wheels, which was a mistake.

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