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123stra says:
"Really good and despite its drawbacks I consider it one of the best on the market"
and gives the Britax Go

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  • excellent handling (very well positioned centre of gravity, many strollers are difficult to handle if you put the stroller upside down and in the lie-flat position, this one rides perfect even in that position)
  • it's sprung
  • quality workmanship (for example, when handling the canopy it does not click like other strollers, so there is no risk of waking a sleeping child), the chassis does not crack, it does not wobble even after 3 children, it does not pull sideways after a while
  • huge basket (priceless)
  • excellent handle (you will appreciate its practicality in public transport or if you have a stroller at home in a small hallway)
  • superb folding (easy and, most importantly, the stroller folds inside so you don't get it dirty)
  • small front wheels (solved by the Go Big version)
  • the pushchair cannot be fully reclined or completely upright (sitting upright can be solved with a belt behind the backrest, reclining can only be solved by buying newer versions)
  • the handle in front of the child can not be gate-opened (but we did not miss it)
  • not the lightest nor the most compact

The stroller is really good and despite its drawbacks I consider it one of the best on the market. Now, if I were buying a stroller, I would choose the Go Big version. I am only reviewing the pushchair / seat part - we did not have a bassinet / pram setup with this stroller.

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