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Amazing pushchair

  • Super spacious seat
  • Huge canopy
  • When folded, perfect size even for a small car boot
  • Strap reclining is hard for me

An amazing pushchair.

The best


The best stroller 😄

Satisfaction for sure

  • Easy folding
  • Easy to operate (even with one hand)
  • Extensive accessories (if you buy them)
  • Option to buy a bassinet and a car seat
  • Positioning of the backrest
  • Lack of footrest positioning
  • Seating cannot be turned

For me, satisfaction for sure. I bought it second hand, but with a lot of accessories. Cool is the organizer on the handle, but also the tray instead of the handle for the baby. It is easy to operate with one hand. It folds easily and fits in a small car. The only thing I miss is the positioning of the legs, but that can be added. And also the recline positioning is not very well solved. Otherwise, it's big enough and the little one sleeps comfortably in it.

Very satisfied and recommend it

  • easy to fold e.g. in the car
  • comfortable, spacious for baby
  • cannot be driven with one hand
  • harder to recline when the child is asleep

We are very satisfied with the stroller and recommend it.

Nice handling

  • spacious
  • quick to fold
  • nice handling
  • not sitting upright


Happy with it

  • spacious
  • easy folding
  • good handling
  • there is no full - upright seating option

Happy with it :-)

Reliable and quality stroller

  • Extra-large canopy with small closable window on top
  • When lying down, the net is also behind the child's head (the back part rolls out)
  • Sufficiently large and durable inflatable wheels that cushion uneven surfaces
  • For bigger bumps, there is suspension at the back and front
  • Large basket at the bottom and also a large pocket for necessary items and toys
  • Large carrying capacity
  • More expensive original accessories and add-ons

Super reliable and quality stroller that can take anything. Both for riding in the city and on bad roads and pavement. Large enough wheels front and back.


  • spacious
  • fixedsturdy
  • fits other brands of accessories
  • inflatable wheels - possibility of puncture
  • harder to climb the kerb
  • inability to position the leg rest
  • net on the canopy after unzipping

Sturdy stroller, in my opinion more suitable for older/larger babies who no longer sleep in the stroller - my son was bothered by dangling legs when sleeping.

I would buy it again

  • beautifully controllable
  • spacious
  • excellent for off-road and in the countryside
  • I find folding impractical
  • harder to reach basket

Happy with this, I would buy it again.

Completely satisfied

  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Well maneuverable
  • For moderate terrain

I bought the stroller for my first daughter. We needed a lightweight and good storage. We bought a Römer bassinet and a Römer car seat and now with my second daughter I am completely satisfied.

I can't praise it enough


For me the absolute top. We had the 4 Plus, and I can't praise it enough. Little one has been there since 5 months, slept there with no problems. A little heavier, but if it's going to have good stability, it has to be. One handed control, smooth ride. I was a little bothered by the access to the basket, but that was just a detail 😉

Using it as a stroller for the car

  • Compact
  • Smaller compared to the Tako Ballila Slim, which is our main stroller
  • Heavy
  • Difficult to operate
  • Cannot be put into full sitting position

We only use it as a stroller for the car.

Very happy with it.

  • Even for bad terrain
  • Lies flat in a fully reclined position
  • Plenty of seating space
  • Folds with one hand
  • Takes up little space when folded
  • Large canopy
  • Entirely washable
  • Cannot face the parent
  • Lacks leg rest positioning (older version)

Superb pushchair, we were very happy with it.

I bought the stroller second hand, with many accessories, for my 2,5 year old daughter for those occasional rides. To my surprise, it is quite lightweight, easy to maneuver. It handles snow or any uneven surface with no problem. When folded, it takes up little space in the car. I have tried several strollers, but this one is the best. I regret not buying it back when we were dealing with our first pushchair.

  • I had a limited edition - design
  • bad center of gravity
  • hard to ride
  • clumsy
  • the wheels were frequently deflating (several times a month we had to inflate back up)
  • bad folding
  • always when folding, I slammed my hands and stuffed the mess from the ground into the hood
  • bad positioning of the back - it was impossible to pull 2 straps at the same time, one always got stuck
  • leg positioning

For me, a terrible pram. Never again, after a month we passed it on. Bad center of gravity, folding was bad, I had bruises from it (maybe because I'm shorter).

Too heavy, bad back positioning, badng leg positioning, bad manoeuvring. I was expecting much more from it, as everyone was praising it, and for me it was a complete disappointment. But a hundred people, a hundred tastes...

A very good pushchair. From the fourth month it carried our little one thanks to the fact that it can be put in full recline. It still serves us, and it was second hand. As a disadvantage I perceive its higher weight – in case you have even a larger, heavier child - it is then harder to handle.

It's hard for me to judge. We got this stroller as a second stroller that would be lower and the baby would climb in and out on his own - but our boy started walking and walking and walking at a year and a 1/2, so I rode with him about three times. From my standpoint, it's a fine stroller, a pushchair for both the outdoors and the city. But it is possible that I will refine the rating when my daughter grows into it :-D If it comes to it :-)

For me, it had no imperfections


Really a stroller for all purpose use. It can handle all terrains, baby slept fine in it till three years old, super compact, too. For me, it had no imperfections.

  • Small
  • Light
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Fits anywhere
  • Washable covers
  • Adjustable parent handle
  • Hard to push - very uncomfortable with one hand
  • After a couple of months of use, the frame has become very loose and the stroller wobbles (no way to tighten it)
  • The backrest positions are insufficient - in the highest setup the child still half lies down, I had to figure out how to put the child in a full sitting position with a strap behind the back
  • The mesh canopy part is unusable - the sun shines on the baby in summer, so I covered it up
  • And lastly, the legrest, although in the highest position, is still low and the baby slides down; plus the support bar broke with even minimal use. I had to buy a specially made foot board to make the feet level with the seat when napping

I enthusiastically bought the stroller because it came out as the best in the D-Test. Unfortunately, it's not that great. That's why 7 out of 10. It's not terrible, of course, but I would probably choose a different stroller now.

It's been with us around the world


Great. The best stroller I could ask for. And it's been with us around the world.

  • stable
  • roomy
  • easy to drive
  • it is quite heavy

Perfect for us, my son loves it and I find it easy to use.

  • Quite light
  • Length and ventilation of the roof
  • Good handling
  • Easy folding
  • In terrain, ok
  • Predne kolesa male - s tym je spojene zle vchadzanie na obrubník
  • Maly kosik
  • Ziadne polohovanie noziciek

I use it already with my second child. All in all a good stroller, except for a few details.

Happy with minor reservations

  • Practical pushchair
  • Can withstand heavy load of shopping
  • Ventilation window behind the head when lying down
  • It will not pass through snow
  • Cannot reverse the seat

I am happy with this stroller - except for minor reservations.

Probably without any major reservations

  • Length
  • Size and space
  • Easily foldable, quickly foldable
  • Doesn't take up much space
  • Not suitable for forest paths

For me a great stroller - probably without any major reservations...



Seat unit is great. The only drawback is the sitting and lying adjustment, it often jams. I am satisfied.

Later we also bought a carrycot and it's fine, too. Smaller, but just right for a spring baby, without a footmuff. For me, also great.

  • Light
  • Compact
  • Easy to steer
  • When it folds up, it basically stands on the handle - I have to be more careful not to tear it

The pushchair is light and pushes great. It takes up little space in the car and folds easily. It has a large space under the stroller. I got it second hand and it is still very nice. I have trouble with positioning sometimes, but it's my third child in it, so it's possible that's because of that. I got it as a second stroller so my little one could climb in it on her own. She has time for that so far, so we'll see 😁.

It's a really versatile, handy helper

  • Inflatable wheels
  • Lie-flat positioning
  • One-hand folding
  • Does not have leg positioning
  • Canopy has one large mesh part
  • Possibility of getting dirty when folded

The stroller is very practical, suitable even for worse terrain thanks to the inflatable wheels. The inside of the stroller is spacious and the materials are easy to maintain.

The back positioning is up to lying down - but not quite to sitting, we didn't mind it too much. The positioning has a bit of an odd control and sometimes gets stuck. The leg positioning is missing, but can be - handmade - easy to purchase. The canopy is extendable, but it extends by the net part, so you have to deal with overlapping the net afterwards.

The frame is a bit heavier, but stable and solid at the same time. The shopping basket is quite large and quite accessible. The stroller folds with one hand and stands on its own when folded. When folded, it touches the ground with the handle and a little with the hood; also in the car it leans on the inside - so there is a risk of getting dirty. On the other hand - it can also be folded with the cosytoes, which is a problem with other pushchairs.

I've been happy with it, and with the addition of the extras (overlapping the net part of the canopy and positioning the legs) it's a really versatile, handy helper.

  • Large
  • Spacious
  • Heavy

A spacious, comfortable stroller for baby. It is quite heavy, one-handed handling is difficult. Folding is easy.

Suitable for regular terrain

  • Inflatable wheels
  • Can also be purchased with a bassinet
  • Cannot adjust the legs
  • Only faces the direction of travel

Practical, compact pram with inflatable wheels. Suitable for regular terrain.

  • Suspension
  • Folding
  • Roomy seat
  • Mesh in the back
  • Large canopy
  • Seatback adjustment

I switched to Britax after the Cam Techno Soul. I thought the Cam was a superb stroller with minor flaws, but since we've been riding with the Britax, I find the Cam to be a bit of a rattle 😄 I read somewhere that the Britax is such a minor tank - and truly, it is. It's stable, goes over any terrain, which is totally awesome for me since I have a dog.

The stroller is quite small for me, even though it looks big. It's spacious inside, which my son duly enjoys. I wouldn't have minded the original slanted seat, but we have adjusted it to a perpendicular seat with a back strap. They could improve the recline and replace those seat belts though, but it's OK to get used to.

I would have liked the basket under the stroller to be a little bigger, but I'll cram anything I can in there. I bought a second-hand one that has been modified - and thus I have the leg positioning, so that minus has been eliminated. The head net is also perfect for summer - I really appreciate it when the little one falls asleep. We absolutely don't miss the reversible seat either, and my son has been riding in it since he was 8 months old. The canopy is long, covers perfectly, and even when fully open the little one can see out of the stroller.

If ever a second offspring comes, for me it's going to be definitely Britax.

I used it from 3 months to 2,5 years

  • Spacious
  • Load capacity (I carried two kids in it at the same time when needed :-D)
  • Durable frame
  • Quiet
  • Lots of storage space (basket, organizer, pocket that hung in the back)
  • Not usable in snow

I was very satisfied with the stroller. I used it from 3m to 2,5 years. After that we switched to a lighter buggy.

  • does not rattle
  • sits well on the road
  • spacious
  • no leg positioning
  • canopy – not much
  • heavy (despite the suspension I have a problem climbing even on a low curb)
  • low (taller people have to crouch)

Not a bad one, if a bit cumbersome, but quite manageable. It's quite low to the ground for us, I miss the leg positioning, and I find the mesh on the canopy completely unnecessary... they could have put a normal fabric on there to protect the baby properly from the sun and wind. We only use it ocasionally as a second stroller at my grandparents' house (we bought a pad that solves the leg positioning) - otherwise it would be gone already...

  • large
  • easy manipulation
  • good even for bad terrain
  • easy-to-puncture inflatable wheels
  • seat is not reversible

This stroller is absolutely top of the line. I have walked all possible terrains with it. Our 86cm son slept in it without any problems and we still use it with our son because he doesn't want to walk. And even though it's a little heavier (both son and stroller), it's easy to handle. The only thing I consider a minus is that the seat doesn't face both directions, which is why we bought our daughter the Britax Smile 3 now. And the fact that it is very easy to puncture those inflatable wheels - we have changed them twice already.

  • higher weight capacity
  • spaciousness
  • easy steering
  • compact enough for the car
  • almost all-terrain
  • small, inaccessible basket
  • very slanted sitting position - you need a strap put behind to make it better (we used an old belt)
  • short canopy (the extension is just mesh - you can swap it for the B-Motion Plus canopy (can be purchased separately)
  • no leg rest adjustment - we made our own thing to put under it and make the legrest stay up

We only used the stroller in the pushchair mode, so I don't know how much about the bassinet or the car seat. Overall, I am satisfied, we bought it for winter use and its spacious seat - criteria this stroller meets perfectly. It will accommodate a 94 cm 2-year-old wrapped in a fleece jacket and a blanket - it there was still room to spare 😄

Goes through everything


Very spacious, quickly folded. Handles well - goes through everything. Simply happy with it.

  • A citystrller
  • Long canopy
  • Quite spacious
  • Lightweight
  • Good handling around town
  • Cannot handle tougher terrain - because of the small wheels
  • No leg positioning
  • The backrest was sometimes hard to adjust

A stroller suitable for the city, for shopping. I would not go to the mountains with it, and also not for longer walks because of no positioning of the legs, as the baby's legs hang down when sleeping. We bought this stroller for a holiday, and even though my son fell asleep in it a couple of times, it was not a problem because he was small and his legs were not hanging down. It became worse was when he was already bigger and fell asleep in it, then his legs were completely hanging down. It can be solved by buying a positioning plank, but we didn't have that. We bought a sun shade for the hood - when it was extended, there was a net and then the sun shone right into the child's eyes at certain angles. The stroller is otherwise fine.

The 3 in 1 travel system is great


We have the stroller in a 3 in 1 travel system and it is great - except that when the stroller is having the bassinet on, it is worse to put down the hood, otherwise I have nothing to complain about 🙂 🙂🙂

For the price, great

  • Good size
  • WHile being compact, light weight
  • Štrajkovalo polohovanie noh - na novších to už bolo ok

For the price, great. I was very satisfied.

It's a great stroller - except that the seat part is not reversible and only faces the direction of travel (as I would appreciate to be able to see my small baby).

As for the hood - it's quite short, it feels like the sin is shining on the child's legs. If I unzip it, there is a mesh, through which the sun shines - so I can't help myself with that much. Otherwise great.

Next time rather the Britax B-Motio


Next time I'd prefer the Britax B-Motion 4+ 😂

I would not buy it again

  • Pocket
  • Full lying position
  • Rubber wheels
  • Adjustable handle bar
  • Baby has a lot of space, it is not narrow
  • The legs cannot be positioned
  • Cannot be put into full, upright sitting position
  • Small basket
  • Difficult handling
  • Hard folding
  • Squeaks
  • Short belts
  • Original apron does not fit

I would not buy this stroller again, see disadvantages below.

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