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kristind says:
"If ever a second offspring comes, for me it's going to be definitely Britax"
and gives the Britax B-Motion 4

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  • Suspension
  • Folding
  • Roomy seat
  • Mesh in the back
  • Large canopy
  • Seatback adjustment

I switched to Britax after the Cam Techno Soul. I thought the Cam was a superb stroller with minor flaws, but since we've been riding with the Britax, I find the Cam to be a bit of a rattle 😄 I read somewhere that the Britax is such a minor tank - and truly, it is. It's stable, goes over any terrain, which is totally awesome for me since I have a dog.

The stroller is quite small for me, even though it looks big. It's spacious inside, which my son duly enjoys. I wouldn't have minded the original slanted seat, but we have adjusted it to a perpendicular seat with a back strap. They could improve the recline and replace those seat belts though, but it's OK to get used to.

I would have liked the basket under the stroller to be a little bigger, but I'll cram anything I can in there. I bought a second-hand one that has been modified - and thus I have the leg positioning, so that minus has been eliminated. The head net is also perfect for summer - I really appreciate it when the little one falls asleep. We absolutely don't miss the reversible seat either, and my son has been riding in it since he was 8 months old. The canopy is long, covers perfectly, and even when fully open the little one can see out of the stroller.

If ever a second offspring comes, for me it's going to be definitely Britax.

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