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  • beautiful /we have the Lagoon Green/
  • excellent ground clearance
  • superb canopy
  • possibility to buy colour sets
  • high load capacity
  • sturdy
  • leg rest positioning - once they added it, it could go in a straight line

Our last and probably truly THE last stroller. It is great. It's more robust, but it makes sense. It goes over bumps quite smoothly. My son is comfortable in it and sleeps in it at home. Strolling in winter will definitely be great!

In a word, great

  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent in the terrain
  • Canopy and accessories can be changed
  • Small basket
  • The stroller does not come with a rain cover, you have to buy everything separately

In a word, great 👏 I regret that I bought a 3in1 system before and didn't buy this one with a bassinet right away 😔 I'm smarter for next time.



Impractical - very heavy.

It suits us in every way


Maximum satisfaction. We have been using it since birth, as it is from 0 months. It suits us in every way 💕

I have nothing to complain about

  • Inflatable wheels that go over any terrain
  • Fast folding
  • Lightweight
  • Long hood
  • Length of the stroller
  • Easy handling
  • None

So far I use it for a short time, but I have nothing to complain about this stroller... And I am not sorry at all that I bought a new one.

Suitable for both the city and terrain

  • variable use
  • easy to fold
  • easy handling
  • three-wheeler - you have to be careful when getting on and off curbs, but we knew that

Suitable for both the city and terrain. Can handle dirt road, gravel, forest :) We are extremely satisfied.

  • Can handle real terrain (mud, forest road)
  • Good handling
  • I've tried jogging with it and it's good
  • A little tighter
  • When folding, it sometimes gets stuck and does not open

Superb pram. I don't regret the money I spent on it at all. I bought it in a triple combination, so far we are only in the bassinet and car seat and satisfied.

Unbuckling is practical, safe and cool. The only fault so far is that when I fold the stroller in the car, it sometimes gets stuck and does not go open. And if the mother is a tiny little thing weighing 50 kg, I think it can be quite heavy for her. I'm 75kg and with all the lugging of the little one etc., I sometimes think my back is suffering... but I guess all mothers suffer, regardless of the weight of the stroller.

My parents live in a place where the foxes say goodnight, I walk the dog with the pram and we really go through terrain. The stroller handles it just fine - and there's so much mud I could take a bath in it. We'll get through it without much trouble. On the other hand, when I go into town, I feel like I'm not carrying anything. I've tried going for a run and it's great, so I'm looking forward to better weather and going out regularly.

  • Even for really bad terrain
  • Large canopy that covers the whole baby
  • Looks nice
  • Great to handle
  • Smooth ride, can handle snow
  • It is necessary to practise folding the pushchair
  • The seat folds outwards
  • Strap positioning

For me, definitely the best stroller I've had - and I was afraid of a three-wheeler. It really does go over bad terrain easily, so those of you looking for a stroller for bad road/no-road, don't hesitate. The large inflatable wheels guarantee a pleasant ride. On a flat surface, the baby doesn't even know he's riding. My little one liked the terrain ride and quickly fell asleep then.

It can be put up to lying down. The 5 point harness fastening is great in my opinion. You can also turn in one place and the things I was afraid of - curbs, steps, etc - the pushchair handles very well with a little practice. You need to hold the stroller with both hands and it's no problem. Folding also takes a bit of skill, but it can be mastered. Positioning via the strap, but not to a full sitting position. The little one didn't mind it though, he loves walking around and he also loves sleeping in it.

I bought this stroller as a second pushchair. I didn't want a stroller system. I have nothing to complain about. I think it's great - at a reasonable price. Plus you can put a canopy on it in a colour you like. I'm very satisfied, and as a bonus, I really like the look of it.

The perfect carriage

  • Can handle any terrain
  • Can be pushed with one hand
  • Large hood covers almost the whole stroller
  • A bit heavier

The perfect carriage. Great satisfaction.

  • Lightweight
  • Practical
  • Big wheels roll easily over every terrain
  • Quick folding/unfolding
  • Sturdy chassis
  • Variability of the hood and bumper bar covers (many colors to choose from and swap between)
  • Large hood that can be extended all the way up to almost touching the bumper bar
  • Good maneuvering
  • Good brake system
  • Basket is quite spacious
  • Suspension
  • Soft handlebar
  • Big changing bag
  • The front wheel can be locked straight
  • The back part is only covered by a thin fabric layer - not great for windy or very cold weather. We solved it with a good footmuff

A very handy stroller with large wheels. I really like its big hood that covers almost fully. The stroller is rather lightweight, brakes work well, and it's easy to fold. I took it 2 points, however, probably because I was used to a retro-type pram with loads of padding for the little one - and this one seems to have very thin fabrics used, in comparison - but it's just a stroller, so I understand 😄 It is so easy to push and it's also great that the front wheel can be locked in a fixed, non-swivel position. I also like that the hood, as well as the bumper bar cover, can be purchased in different colors and can be swapped according to your mood 😜 In general, I am very satisfied (maybe except for a few small, insignificant details) - but I must add, I would not use it for a newborn in winter for sure (but we already have a bigger kid).

A great option for older children

  • easy to fold and compact after folding
  • suitable for older kids
  • full recline
  • large basket
  • large bag-style pocket under the handle
  • large canopy
  • waterproof materials
  • the recline is more suitable for older kids, I wouldn't put a baby in the seat jus so

A great option for older children. You'll use it up to 4 years/20 kg, even for the taller ones. It's a pushchair for the toddlers that need one only occasionally. The backrest reclines deeply, but it is not 180 degrees, and it is not a hard backrest like, for ex., Hartan has - but for daily naps, it's enough. Superb folding system. Large basket takes up loads of shopping, and there's also a large pocket underneath the handlebar.

  • Looks
  • One-hand push
  • Spaciousness
  • All-terrain
  • Weight capacity
  • Price
  • If one wants an upright sitting position, it is necessary to make or buy an extra strap that will hold the backrest in place
  • Weight
  • It is not compact (folded)

I had many pushchairs, and I was really in doubt whether to buy a three-wheeled model. I had two favorites when choosing, but none's price matched my expectations. I ended up buying the B-Motion 3 Plus, and only after a few days, I knew I chose right.

It is really easy to maneuver - I can do it even with one hand. Only getting up curbs needs you to make a habit of doing it perpendicularly to the sidewalk. It will go through snow, uneven field paths - but also small shopping aisles. It is not as easy to get in the shopping basket, but on the other hand, it really is spacious. My DD has loads of space, and after we bought a strap to put behind the backrest with which she sits upright, she loves to sit in the pushchair. And lastly, the design factor - for a three-wheeler, it is really looking good - we have the Butterfly limited edition :-)

I recommend this pushchair for those mums walking through all kinds of terrain while needing to carry a lot of shopping and look good while doing all that :-) Given, of course, that they count on it being a bit on the heavier side, and a little bit bulky (for car rides and bus transport I own a smaller buggy).

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