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muci says:
"I think it's great - at a reasonable price"
and gives the Britax B-Motion 3 Plus

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  • Even for really bad terrain
  • Large canopy that covers the whole baby
  • Looks nice
  • Great to handle
  • Smooth ride, can handle snow
  • It is necessary to practise folding the pushchair
  • The seat folds outwards
  • Strap positioning

For me, definitely the best stroller I've had - and I was afraid of a three-wheeler. It really does go over bad terrain easily, so those of you looking for a stroller for bad road/no-road, don't hesitate. The large inflatable wheels guarantee a pleasant ride. On a flat surface, the baby doesn't even know he's riding. My little one liked the terrain ride and quickly fell asleep then.

It can be put up to lying down. The 5 point harness fastening is great in my opinion. You can also turn in one place and the things I was afraid of - curbs, steps, etc - the pushchair handles very well with a little practice. You need to hold the stroller with both hands and it's no problem. Folding also takes a bit of skill, but it can be mastered. Positioning via the strap, but not to a full sitting position. The little one didn't mind it though, he loves walking around and he also loves sleeping in it.

I bought this stroller as a second pushchair. I didn't want a stroller system. I have nothing to complain about. I think it's great - at a reasonable price. Plus you can put a canopy on it in a colour you like. I'm very satisfied, and as a bonus, I really like the look of it.

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