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  • A cup holder and rain cover included.
  • Product built quality seems good.
  • Basket area is spacious if the seat is not in a sleeping position.
  • No suspension.
  • Hard wheels and noisy and jerky on cobblestones.
  • Extremely rigid to push with the child on.
  • Need to put a great effort to raise on curbs.

Not satisfactory experience at all. Extremely difficult to push on rough terrains and hard to maneuver on curbs due to a lack of suspension. The wheels feel too hard and noisy on cobblestones. It was too exhausting to push the stroller with a 21 months old toddler weighing around 12 kg. My husband can use it, but it would be tough for a woman to move around.

Very stylish but overpriced

  • Looks nice
  • Big hood
  • Spacious basket
  • Bad steering
  • Bad on curbs
  • Noisy
  • Heavy

It's heavy to lift and push; it's noisy and not very easy to maneuver. It's not swift on its front wheels, and it's hard to get up curbs. I've always got stuck in ruts on many occasions. It's very stylish but overpriced.

  • affordable
  • good-looking
  • backrest recline is lever-operated
  • large canopy
  • rain cover and cup holder included
  • thin canopy fabric that tends to crease
  • foam handlebar
  • very little suspension
  • the bumper bar needs to be removed altogether for the child to be able to jump in
  • short leg rest
  • velcro on the viewing window
  • air vents can't be covered when the canopy is open

An ok pushchair - for how much it costs. Dont expect too much and youll be happy with it.

Great - for the price

  • compact
  • stylish
  • lightweight
  • can pass through grass, gravel, bumps, and holes
  • you have to remove the child's belly bar completely and after putting the child in, put it all back
  • we once got showered by a storm, and after that, I had to let the foam-covered bumper bar dry out - it was soaked in water, so I consider the materials a downside

The pushchair is great - for the price. It can pass through grass, gravel, bumps, and holes, and on a flat surface, it goes "by itself". My DS sleeps in it comfortably, and he is 9mo/33lbs/85cm 😄 - so the B-Agile M is definitely suitable even for the larger children.

I consider the fact that the backrest is reclined after each unfolding an automatic feature of this stroller, so I can't say I take it as a negative point. It fits into our car boot beautifully, and I still have about half of it free for my shopping, which is not the case with our other (full-size) pram - the Anex Sport Foxy (because the Anex folds in two bulky pieces). '

  • Affordable
  • Upright sitting position
  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Spacious shopping basket
  • Extendable hood
  • Wheels on uneven surfaces, like gravel, are hard to maneuver and need to be locked
  • Small stones get stuck in the wheels
  • Fixed handlebar
  • Hard to get up curbs

It's very cozy for my daughter to sleep in. Best for smoother surfaces, but you can pass worse when you lock the wheels. Curb-popping is not the easiest due to the fixed handlebar.

Overall it has its downsides, but with the features that it has, it's quite affordable for a stroller that looks this good.

  • It's beautiful
  • XL hood goes up to the feet of the child
  • Wheels lock, and it helps when folding the pushchair
  • Leg rest is adjustable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Price
  • \Hard\" ride (as opposed to soft)"
  • Rubberized wheels (I like inflatable more)
  • Fixed handlebar, only one position (I don't mind)

This pushchair is interesting. I was looking for something spacious and good-looking - and I found what I was looking for. It's not that soft of a ride, but I don't mind, we went through almost every possible terrain with it anyway. It's lightweight, compact - everything it should be. I also own the Joolz Day2, and still, I am happy with the Britax. An excellent pushchair for a nice price.

Nice price-performance ratio

  • nice-looking
  • spacious
  • not as much suspension

A good, and good-looking urban pushchair. Spacious enough, even for older toddlers. Nice price-performance ratio. I can recommend it.

  • Canopy
  • Padding
  • No more strap recline
  • Some features seem to be very simply done (like the recline, or the shoe-unfriendly brake)
  • I would like more suspension
  • Handlebar height cannot be adjusted

Even though I love that the recline is not strap-operated anymore, it still seems very simple and clicks quite loudly. The seat itself is spacious enough and very well padded. The suspension is not soft, but at least there is something. I would summarize it as a simple yet quite stylish pushchair good enough for a city/suburban mom with not too many requirements.

  • narrow, lightweight chassis
  • one-hand folding and unfolding
  • soft, padded seat
  • backrest adjustment (sitting to lay-flat position)
  • leg rest adjustment
  • five-point harness with pads with velcro to protect the child's arms
  • extra large canopy
  • no-puncture wheels with suspension
  • huge shopping basket
  • accessories - rain cover, cup holder
  • possibility to attach carrycot or car seat
  • minimalistic design (some can take that as a con)
  • fixed handlebar - only one position
  • releasing the brake is done by the tip of your shoe
  • after unfolding the stroller, the backrest is always, by default in the laying position

A pushchair that won't disappoint in any important aspect. It is very suitable for everyday use (folding, loading in the car) as well as longer strolls, and some all-terrain ride was also not a problem.

  • design
  • materials
  • weight capacity
  • wide seat
  • canopy - large, and no full mesh part after extending it (it doesn't rain inside like with the older versions)
  • ventilation on the sides of the extra panel
  • large basket
  • harness belts slide up and down - easy adjusting
  • hard-ish ride - not much of a suspension
  • low handlebar - not for very tall mums and dads
  • weight could be lower
  • basket is a little too low to the ground - I am afraid I'll damage it going up curbs
  • bumper bar is protruding a lot when the stroller is folded (making it unnecessarily bulky)

I am still missing an adjustable handle. The wheels are better quality, but still, the ride is quite hard. What about adding some more suspension? And lastly, I would expect it to be a little lighter (10 kg is not that low if I compare it to some other possibilities in this pushchair category).

Other than that, the design is very nice - so much better than the original B-Agile. I like the canopy the most - when you extend it, there is not a full mesh panel anymore, but the vents are only on the sides, protecting the child from getting wet from the rain, for ex. And - be aware and try it out before purchasing, if you are very tall.

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