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Compact, lightweight

  • Light
  • Compact
  • Spacious
  • Priestranný
  • Handle (non) adjustment
  • Suspension

A very good stroller. Compact, lightweight.

Very comfortable

  • Manoeuvrable with one hand
  • Comfortable even for an older child
  • Zippered pocket for all the essentials + basket under the stroller
  • It has a well-designed sun canopy, partly made of mesh, which is a plus for fresh air flow; I cover it with a diaper in case of too much sunlight
  • The legs cannot be raised to a fully horizontal position - the system is not quite made to put the child's torso in a fully horizontal position
  • When folded, it is compact, but the seat is open - outside, so it can eventually get dirty on its side in the hallway, for example

We are very satisfied with the stroller. It has withstood walking on the beach in the sand and on snowy roads, especially because of the large rear wheels - you tilt it towards you on them and off you go.

Roomy enough - you can walk fast with it and it's still pretty stable (you'd be surprised that some strollers can't handle this). Very comfortable in our opinion, baby fell asleep in it with absolutely no problems at any time. It even carries an older child quite easily at times (6 year old :) ).

This stroller will last the baby a long time, even a big toddler can fit in it. The backrest can be folded up to a lying position and the stroller has a practical zip-open canopy. The weak point is the poor handling, it is difficult to push, compared with other strollers, especially the turning.

Nevyhovoval mi po žiadnej stránke

  • Air filled wheels
  • Large hood
  • Short straps
  • Back positioning with a strap
  • Does not have leg positioning
  • Mesh on the middle part of the roof
  • Maintenance - cannot be washed

I sold the stroller, it didn't suit me in any way. The maintenance was terrible, my child would not fit in it.

Disappointment for me

  • Large hood
  • Rattles on bumpy roads
  • No leg rest adjustment

Disappointment for me. No shock-absorbing, rattling, we did not keep it for a long time.

It suited us perfectly


We loved this pushchair, it suited us perfectly, ...

It is a smooth-surface pushchair

  • Materials
  • Finishes
  • Looks
  • Small wheels,
  • No push bar adjustment - we're tall (both parents) and missed a taller push bar

Nice, good materials and foldability. But the front wheels were getting stuck ALL THE TIME, any hole in the road made them stuck... It is a smooth-surface pushchair.

I wasn't happy with it


I wasn't happy with this pushchair.

It went over all terrains

  • A hood that can be completely opened
  • The only downside, no leg rest adjustment

A total satisfaction, it went over all terrains.

Except for the low handlebar, it's great

  • Small
  • Compact
  • And, most importantly, lightweight

Except for the handlebar, that is a little too low, it's a great stroller.

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