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All user reviews of Bexa Line

20 parent reviews

Very satisfied with the pram

  • None

I am very satisfied with the pram.

  • excellent
  • with suspension
  • spacious carrycot and storage basket
  • the stroller is impractical for frequent car transfers - sturdy, heavy

The pram is good. Spacious carrycot, inflatable wheels. Quiet and comfortable for longer walks. In the car takes up very much space.



Great satisfaction. The stroller is spacious, folds well into the car, great.

The perfect pram


The perfect pram, we were happy with it 😍


  • Perfect - both sons used it
  • The wheels are getting deflated all the time

For me superb, I am happy with it.

Bassinet + car seat = complete satisfaction. The seat unit spoils the whole three-in-one set a bit, but overall ok βœ…

Hassle-free and comfortable to use


A great pram, 3 in 1 set. Hassle-free and comfortable to use.

It served us wonderfully


Satisfaction was great, it served us wonderfully.

Really classy

  • Lightweight
  • Great choice of colors (we had black πŸ˜€πŸ‘)
  • Superb handling
  • Beautiful design
  • Faces forward and also the parent
  • Wind screen
  • Spacious bassinet
  • Spacious seat
  • Maybe invent a better folding of the stroller, but I still didn't mind folding it in two pieces (first take off the top part, then fold the bottom part)

A really classy stroller. Lightweight, easy to handle. I even kept the seat unit to use πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ˜

The best and the biggest


Bexa Line Retro, the best and the biggest stroller. We are happy satisfied with it.

The seat unit is not that good

  • Large bassinet
  • Very open canopy on the seat - the wind blows in in the winter when lying down and the sun shines in the summer
  • Compared to other strollers I see on the street, it is a difference. Also, that canopy on the seat is so poorly held on, you can't pull it open nicely (I don't know if it's just a fault of our piece)
  • The apron is also not a good one - it's kind of narrow in the part where it attaches to the stroller, and when I put the baby in the stroller and put the footrest on, it barely wraps around the baby
  • The handle is low, and far away, a smaller child can't even hold on to it

The seat unit is not that good, the bassinet is okay.

The only positive is the carrycot

  • Large carrycot
  • In the winter it didn't blow into the cot
  • Bad seat unit
  • Bulky
  • Inflatable wheels kept losing air
  • Too soft suspension
  • Overall weak chassis

I don't recommend it. The only positive is that the carrycot that was deep and roomy enough, perfect for a winter baby. That's all...

  • Large, spacious carrycot

A very good stroller. Inflatable wheels, a lot of space for baby to sleep... We had a 3 in 1 set, but I wouldn't want the pushchair part anymore - it was hard to get anywhere with it, a full car trunk.

Suitable for terrain


Just great. Also suitable for terrain.

Disastrous off-road


Those inflatable wheels are a b*tch. They're disastrous off-road.

Pomer cena-kvalita je vynikajΓΊci

  • easy to use
  • handles all terrain
  • huge bassinet
  • inflatable wheels

We are very satisfied with the pram. The only drawback that we knew about are the inflatable wheels with the possibility of puncture.

The bassinet is huge and comfortable for the baby, roomy. The pram is great to operate with one hand. The price-quality ratio is excellent. We would definitely buy again.

A complete satisfaction

  • The carrycot is spacious, the baby is not crammed in it like a sardine
  • Another plus are the robust wheels, which can handle even forest, more difficult terrain
  • Doesn't cost a billion
  • It is necessary to carry a pump and a puncture kit with you when you accidentally get a puncture

For me and my children, a complete satisfaction.

Large, roomy, comfortable


A perfect pram. Large, roomy, comfortable.

The only minus is the wheels


Perfect stroller - we had a 2-passenger combination and complete satisfaction. The only minus is the wheels, we had the inflatable ones and it was quite difficult to get them to inflate easily and quickly, the valve was too straight - and that was the only negative of the whole stroller. I regret buying a pushchair for my second because it didn't meet the requirements of this one at all.

It's big, but that's the only drawback

  • Comfort for both child and parent
  • Thanks to the wheels, it can handle snow and holes in the pavement
  • Despite its size, disassembled, it fits into the car
  • Everything could be washed
  • Punctures on the wheels - you need to look for a spare tube (fortunately available sizes)
  • It is large

The best pram I've ever had. It's big, but that's the only drawback.

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