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A complete satisfaction

  • The carrycot is spacious, the baby is not crammed in it like a sardine
  • Another plus are the robust wheels, which can handle even forest, more difficult terrain
  • Doesn't cost a billion
  • It is necessary to carry a pump and a puncture kit with you when you accidentally get a puncture

For me and my children, a complete satisfaction.

Large, roomy, comfortable


A perfect pram. Large, roomy, comfortable.

The only minus is the wheels


Perfect stroller - we had a 2-passenger combination and complete satisfaction. The only minus is the wheels, we had the inflatable ones and it was quite difficult to get them to inflate easily and quickly, the valve was too straight - and that was the only negative of the whole stroller. I regret buying a pushchair for my second because it didn't meet the requirements of this one at all.

It's big, but that's the only drawback

  • Comfort for both child and parent
  • Thanks to the wheels, it can handle snow and holes in the pavement
  • Despite its size, disassembled, it fits into the car
  • Everything could be washed
  • Punctures on the wheels - you need to look for a spare tube (fortunately available sizes)
  • It is large

The best pram I've ever had. It's big, but that's the only drawback.

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