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salvia247 says:
"The seat unit is not that good"
and gives the Bexa Line

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The seat unit is not that good

  • Large bassinet
  • Very open canopy on the seat - the wind blows in in the winter when lying down and the sun shines in the summer
  • Compared to other strollers I see on the street, it is a difference. Also, that canopy on the seat is so poorly held on, you can't pull it open nicely (I don't know if it's just a fault of our piece)
  • The apron is also not a good one - it's kind of narrow in the part where it attaches to the stroller, and when I put the baby in the stroller and put the footrest on, it barely wraps around the baby
  • The handle is low, and far away, a smaller child can't even hold on to it

The seat unit is not that good, the bassinet is okay.

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