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For me the best


For me, the best pushchair out there.

  • Reversible to parent and street-face
  • Nice suspension
  • Quickly worn out wheels - and we only walked on asphalt until they cracked
  • Hood opening when the wind blows

From the beginning it was pulling incredibly to one side, on that same side the tread on the wheels broke after 10 months of use. I was going to claim it, but while I was getting a replacement stroller, both wheels shot off in one day. And another bad thing - all it took was a slight breeze to blow and the hood would go backwards.

Very happy with all the features! Got it as a present and was absolutely delighted. Highly recommended! Easy to manage, keep clean and fold. Child is safe in it and very comfortable.

Not so practical for the city

  • sturdy
  • large, rubber covered wheels with tires
  • great for winter
  • reversible
  • difficult to fold
  • heavy

A good stroller for bad terrain. Not so practical for the city, however - it is quite difficult to fold. One of the few strollers with a reversible seat unit.

Happy with it

  • suspension
  • air-filled wheels
  • rocking chassis
  • reversible seat unit
  • spacious
  • apron included

We are absolutely happy with it :-)

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