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All user reviews of Bebetto Nico

25 parent reviews

Nice looking, but worse handling

  • Beautiful colours - we had a purple and white
  • Quality materials
  • Difficult to steer, unfortunately we probably had a defective piece - it was pulling to the left, curved frame
  • Wheels well sprung but crooked
  • Harder to fold and heavy, 13kg

Nice looking, but worse handling when folding and loading the stroller into the car.

For terrain, ok, otherwise not really

  • large, spacious
  • large basket
  • big wheels for bad roads
  • seat faces both directions
  • heavy
  • difficult to fold in the car
  • takes up a lot of space
  • positioning makes the hood get stuck
  • the fabric is terrible, the baby slides down

For terrain, ok, otherwise not really. Big, heavy, difficult to handle.

Terrible Polish junk πŸ‘Ž Since new, it was noticeably pulling sideways, until the "balancing" made my hand hurt. When I wanted to fold it down with the seat, I had to flip it in the direction of travel every time. I bought it for the summer to take off-road - for the garden, but it was horrible to maneuver. Never again a Polish stroller, not even if they paid me to use it πŸ˜…

It's like a toy :(

  • large canopy
  • inflatable wheels
  • bottle holder
  • wheel covers (small ones do not fit)
  • suspension
  • it's all like a doll's pram
  • the front wheels are terrible, the way they turn
  • it can't be put into full recline
  • it's heavy but not stable

I thought it was a top pram (because it looks very nice), but no. It's like a toy :( I guess I'm just used to stable strollers, like our Britax B-Agile 4 Plus.

It's amazing, I love it


For me it is the best pushchair I have had. It's amazing, I love it :-)

he perfect pram

  • Large basket
  • Extension canopy
  • Beautiful colours
  • The front wheels feel less smooth harder, but that's just a matter of habit

he perfect pram.

Very handy and reliable even in bad terrain

  • Lightweight
  • Foldable - when folded, it fits completely in our car trunk
  • Low profile tyres - fit well
  • Sprung wheels, front and rear
  • Can be reclined up to lying down
  • Canopy opens nicely against the sun
  • Lower frame design, but it's a matter of habit :)

Very handy and reliable partner even in bad terrain.

Super lightweight-feeling


Super lightweight-feeling. We are almost 2 years old and use the seat part. It fits in the car just fine, which is great. You can turn the seat to face both directions. In bad weather the canopy can be opened to protect the baby. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Spacious stroller, we used it until 3 years of daughter
  • Large extended stroller
  • Inflatable sprung wheels, the degree of suspension could be adjusted according to the weight of the child, not once I had a puncture and the stroller rode well on uneven surfaces
  • The seat is reversible in the direction of travel as well as parent-facing, which I used especially when the little one was smaller and wanted to look at me
  • During the winter, when she was sleeping, I put a nappy in the stroller, I used the extended hood and the stroller was like a bunker - she was never cold and it didn't blow in there
  • For me the more difficult folding of the basket
  • It is one of the heavier pushchairs

Superb reversible pushchair usable in the terrain as well as in the city.

Beautiful design

  • parent-facing seat
  • the possibility of reclining to a full lying position
  • large inflatable wheels
  • the apron could hold better, but this can be survived

A great stroller. So far I am very happy with it, beautiful design.

A great stroller that can go through some terrain. The only disadvantage is that it has a shorter handle and when going faster I kick the brake now and then. Otherwise, I don't have a single reservation and I would buy it again. There are probably better strollers, but not in this price range.

The best I've ever had

  • large inflatable wheels
  • suspension
  • swivel
  • spacious
  • long hood
  • sometimes the hood falls down

The best pram I've ever had.

Super easy to handle and lightweight

  • lightweight
  • reversible to face both directions
  • superb steering

I am extremely happy with it. It's super easy to handle and lightweight.

We found no fault with it


With the Bebeto Nico S line we were maximally satisfied, price, material,... we found no fault with it.

Maximum satisfaction not only in the city, but also in terrain. Great to steer, spacious and lightweight. For us the best stroller.

I would never buy it in my life

  • Reversble seat
  • Large canopy
  • Kicking the brake
  • Not good folding
  • Low seat
  • Small and rather thin shopping basket
  • Unstable
  • Poor handling

In my opinion, a terrible stroller... I only had it for 3 weeks as a spare stroller when mine was on claim, but I would never buy it in my life.

A few things may have been the fact that it was with more than one person, but it was incredibly hard to ride in. The handle comes very close to the seat and I was constantly kicking the brake as a result. It didn't fold normally either, like - the front wheels were in the way, but putting them down all the time didn't feel right.

And the other thing was the seat was terribly low on the frame. Even though I'm short with a height of 155 cm I had to bend down to my daughter. The only plus for me is the large canopy and the fact that it is reversibe.

It met my expectations

  • The bassinet can be folded almost flat after use
  • The seat has a large canopy
  • Storage space on the backrest on the seat
  • The seat can be folded together with the frame in both the direction of travel and in the opposite direction
  • It hasn't creaked with use
  • Handle for the baby made of maintenance-free material
  • The bag was a complete disaster, thin, weak
  • Shallow basket
  • When the kid is 10 kg+, it becomes difficult to manoeuvre
  • Certainly not for even weak terrain, just an urban stroller
  • I couldn't separate the seat from the frame

I had probably one of the first versions of the stroller, from 2013. It met my expectations.

We are very satisfied with the stroller. It is also for off-road and flat surfaces as well. It is also great that it is reversible and faces both sides.

The best pram

  • Reversible seat
  • Low-profile large inflatable wheels
  • Double suspension
  • Extended canopy
  • Strap from the belly bar to the seat, between the legs, so baby won't fall out
  • Drinks holder
  • Detachable belly bar and canopy
  • Rear pocket for raincoat/apron
  • Leather cover on the handlebar
  • Large sturdy basket

The best pram, and I had a lot of those 😊

For me the best


For me, the best pushchair out there.

  • Reversible to parent and street-face
  • Nice suspension
  • Quickly worn out wheels - and we only walked on asphalt until they cracked
  • Hood opening when the wind blows

From the beginning it was pulling incredibly to one side, on that same side the tread on the wheels broke after 10 months of use. I was going to claim it, but while I was getting a replacement stroller, both wheels shot off in one day. And another bad thing - all it took was a slight breeze to blow and the hood would go backwards.

Simply the best


Simply the best pushchair!

Very happy with all the features! Got it as a present and was absolutely delighted. Highly recommended! Easy to manage, keep clean and fold. Child is safe in it and very comfortable.

Not so practical for the city

  • sturdy
  • large, rubber covered wheels with tires
  • great for winter
  • reversible
  • difficult to fold
  • heavy

A good stroller for bad terrain. Not so practical for the city, however - it is quite difficult to fold. One of the few strollers with a reversible seat unit.

Happy with it

  • suspension
  • air-filled wheels
  • rocking chassis
  • reversible seat unit
  • spacious
  • apron included

We are absolutely happy with it :-)

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