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2306 says:
"I would never buy it in my life"
and gives the Bebetto Nico

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I would never buy it in my life

  • Reversble seat
  • Large canopy
  • Kicking the brake
  • Not good folding
  • Low seat
  • Small and rather thin shopping basket
  • Unstable
  • Poor handling

In my opinion, a terrible stroller... I only had it for 3 weeks as a spare stroller when mine was on claim, but I would never buy it in my life.

A few things may have been the fact that it was with more than one person, but it was incredibly hard to ride in. The handle comes very close to the seat and I was constantly kicking the brake as a result. It didn't fold normally either, like - the front wheels were in the way, but putting them down all the time didn't feel right.

And the other thing was the seat was terribly low on the frame. Even though I'm short with a height of 155 cm I had to bend down to my daughter. The only plus for me is the large canopy and the fact that it is reversibe.

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