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  • fashionable
  • durable
  • high quality
  • practical seat
  • the head rest in the seat is in the way of adding any seat liner
  • handle could be sturdier
  • narrow carrycot
  • seat could be even more upright

The carrycot felt a bit narrow but we love the seat. The handle could be sturdier but it's a durable pram nonetheless. Very fashionable. I just mind the head rest in the seat as it's difficult to fit in any seat liner.

A really nice to drive all-rounder

  • quality
  • looks
  • smaller-in-size bassinet

Loving it! A really nice to drive all-rounder.

  • Comfortable for the baby
  • Well-made
  • Steering
  • Handlebar is on the looser side
  • Carrycot is nice and deep but with a short mattress

It's nice and compact, and comfortable for the baby. The steering also feels well. The handlebar could be sturdier, like this, it's a bit noisy. We are happy with it overall.

The front wheels rattle a bit

  • nice, luxuriously looking
  • the front wheels rattle a bit

A very nice, comfily-padded pram but the front wheels rattle a bit. I would also prolong the hood.

  • Design
  • Spacious bassinet (and also the seat)
  • Easy-to-clean materials
  • Large-enough basket
  • Comfortable seat
  • Large-enough canopy
  • Wheels - driving comfort
  • Easy push, even though the chassis is heavier
  • Easy folding - mainly with the seat unit
  • Easy overall manipulation
  • Headrest pillow
  • The handlebar has a will; it moves slightly
  • Heavier chassis

A good choice - made after a long time of thinking and weighing our options.

We bought it in 2019, and after long searching, we decided to go for the Oyster 3 in the Pebble colorway. The best thing about it is the seat unit - and mainly the fact that it folds so well with the chassis. You just fold the canopy back and fold it over. All folds in one piece. The handlebar to lift it and load it in the car is also an asset that not many combination prams have.

Bassinet-wise, it seems small-ish on the first sight, but it's spacious and mainly quite deep. My DS was using it until he was 6 months - and the last months were in winter, so with a footmuff.

I can certainly recommend the Oyster 3.

Very versatile


A stylish urban as well as occasional terrain option. Very versatile! We love the looks!

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