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Tori says:
"Handles well and is nice to push"
and gives the Babystyle Oyster 3

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  • Stylish/looks good
  • Feels sturdy
  • Nice to push
  • Good on all terrains
  • Easy to clean as wheels detach
  • Folds up with seat attached and to quite a reasonable size
  • Huge sun shade
  • The mechanism to detach the carry cot from the frame is very sticky (someone recently told me they put vaseline on theirs though)
  • The poppers on the basket don't stay attached on one side

We purchased the Oyster 3 travel system in Rich Navy with a silver frame and have been using it for nearly 2 years now. I love how stylish the stroller looks. It seems to cope well with all terrains and the wheels can be removed to give them a good clean if they get muddy. The stroller handles well and is nice to push, it has quite a neat turning circle. The brake is easy to use. It has a really generous sun hood and baby has always seemed comfortable. When folded the stroller is a reasonable size, especially if you remove the back wheels. Its fairly straightforward to fold and unfold and can be folded with the seat attached, sometimes the handlebar button sticks a little but this isn't really too much of a problem and sorts itself out after a bit of a jiggle. I really like this travel system and would definitely recommend.

It isn't without some small faults, though - as I said, the handlebar extension button occasionally sticks. The popper on one side of the carry basket no longer stays attached (that could be our fault for overloading the basket). When we had a newborn we never really put the carry cot on the frame as removing it was incredibly difficult, it just always felt really stuck on there - this didn't overly bother us but can appreciate this could annoy others - I saw someone with the same stroller recently and asked their thoughts and they said they just put some Vaseline on the mechanism and it was fine. To me, these issues are fairly minor, and we have definitely had value for money from this stroller. I would buy again.

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