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Great seat

  • Supplementary lever (on the bassinet)
  • Stable and quite lightweight frame
  • Awesome maintenance
  • The liner slides down on the seat

Great pram. Bassinet is big, spacious. It has an additional locking lever, so the bassinet does not wobble like on other prams. The seat is also great. Easy to clean... Great seat. Fits even a 3 year old baby for a nap. It can be put into a full recline.

Total satisfaction


Total satisfaction.

I'm happy with it


I'm happy with it. I can recommend it.

  • Lightweight
  • Well maneuverable
  • Beautiful design
  • I haven't found any

Excellent stroller at a reasonable price. I would definitely buy it again.

  • Pretty
  • Solid price
  • Good handling
  • Has a large baset
  • It's a Polish pram, which you will see a lot of on the street
  • It's very bulky
  • The seat is not even a little bit nice

We had it for 7 months. We used it only with a carrycot and when we switched to a seat we sold it because it didn't suit us at all because of its size and its uncomfortable storage in the car.

  • easy handling
  • easy maintenance
  • backrest positioning
  • seat facing forward and backward
  • storage compartments on the seat, basket and bag
  • easy to attach the apron
  • adjustable handle
  • for smaller cars, it must be folded in two parts
  • the pad in the seat is loose and the little one often managed to roll it down
  • in the seat there is a piece of netting above the head which I couldn't remove completely, my son was already scratching his head against it at 18m when he was taller

I was very happy with it. Easy to operate with one hand, unless the wheels are locked. Whatever terrain I "imagined", it handled it perfectly - whether it was a meadow or whatever...

The bag and basket (with zippered net) under the stroller are spacious, positioning of the seat is easy. The seat faces both forward and rearward. In the seat there are two storage pockets, one is zipped.

It is high quality and looks very nice

  • Large inflatable wheels
  • Easy handling, front wheel lock
  • The bassinet is easy to carry by the handle on the hood
  • Extended hood
  • Seat has 3 positions (also full lie flat)
  • Easy folding into the car

We bought the stroller 3 years ago, now it will be used for our second child. We are very satisfied with it, it is high quality and looks very nice. We used the stroller for half a year, then my son went to the pushchair to see the world.

So far, very satisfied

  • superb handling
  • lightweight
  • rocks
  • quick to remove the bassinet
  • snap-on car seat - Maxi-Cosi fits

So far we are very satisfied.

Awesome for the terrain

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Solid frame
  • Spacious bassinet and seat
  • Design
  • Large basket
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Large hood
  • The pushchair setup tipped over with the heavy bag when facing the street

This stroller blew me away at first sight in the store, even though I originally went to look at other models. Nice design, quality frame, spacious bassinet, large accessible basket, large canopy, inflatable wheels, easy folding - all huge pluses.

I didn't like the seat part as much - while wonderfully roomy, the stroller looked odd (ugly) when the baby was lying down. If the baby was facing the street and there was a heavier bag on the handle, it had a tendency to tip over. But it was awesome for the terrain :) And easy positioning. In the top three strollers ever for me.

  • Spacious bassinet
  • Pushchair version design and forward/reverse facing option
  • Sturdy
  • Nice suspension, comfortable off-road
  • Quite large basket compared to others
  • Large, practical bag
  • Includes rain cover, mosquito net, pump, apron
  • Easy handling, folding, unfolding, putting parts on and taking them off
  • Extendable hood
  • Hood ventilation
  • Adjustable handle
  • Large inflatable wheels
  • Simple and easily accessible brake
  • Wheel locking
  • Closable basket
  • Overall weight, it's quite heavy for a petite mom
  • Maybe a little rattly wheels when riding off-road

It has only been used for 4 months so far, so with a bassinet, but it was chosen mainly for the pushchair version - which we will use much longer.

It took me quite a long time to choose the stroller. I wanted space, practicality, comfort and few strollers met the "softness/suspension" criteria for example.

We use the frame daily, fold and unfold it several times, we ride quite a bit in worse terrain and so far it has never failed. I'm glad I chose this one. The price/features ratio is really great. Easy to use. I like it both in appearance and function. Simple, practical.

It's just quite heavy for my figure, but I'm petite (163 cm, 52 kg) and unfortunately we didn't really come across a lighter one when choosing, so I can't really fault the weight. It is true that it is sturdy and well made. For me, a great choice, I have not regretted the choice yet and I definitely recommend it.

A totally superb carrycot

  • Large, deep carrycot
  • Not as compact for the car

A totally superb carrycot, adjustable handle... Huge satisfaction.

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