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All user reviews of Adamex Vicco

12 parent reviews

Happy with it


Happy with it.

  • Low price
  • Easy to steer
  • Beautiful colours
  • Squeaks
  • Poor handling in rough terrain with swivel wheels

We bought the stroller because of the price and the looks. It feels lightweight, handles well and has beautiful color combinations. My daughter fits in the bassinet even at one year old (about 74 cm).

I haven't used the pushchair, but otherwise we are happy with the stroller. The problem is that very soon after purchase it started to squeak, but unfortunately this is a "vice" of most Adamexes. And in the terrain you need to lock the wheels, otherwise it is difficult to control.


  • spacious bassinet - can be disassembled to wash everything
  • the seat is great, we've been using it since September, because the little one is very big

Impeccable stroller, colours are great.


  • Tubeless gel wheels
  • Extendable canopy on the cot
  • Spacious cot
  • Both the cot and the seat can be put on in both directions

Excellent stroller. We were very satisfied with it.

Very pretty and good quality stroller - we just didn't use it as much as we expected. It squeaked in the area of one spring from about the beginning. Otherwise, I recommend it :)

Handled even worse terrain

  • Spacious bassinet, which I really appreciated - the baby is not cramped in it even with a footmuff and overalls
  • Moving hood on the pushchair version that doesn't click into place

We didn't use the pushchair version - unfortunately I was put off by the hood which tended to slide off. Unfortunately, it lacks the ability to click in properly. Otherwise, we were completely satisfied with the stroller. It handled even worse terrain.

We couldn't have chosen a better pram. We really appreciated the basket for shopping. It was easy to get into it, and it was spacious. And as for the canopy (both on the bassinet and seat), it could be opened to cover completely. It protected our baby from the sun, but also from the wind. We were choosing for a long time and finally chose the best. I have nothing to complain about with this stroller.

  • spacious bassinet
  • a great push
  • a lot of accessories
  • squeaky frame (lubrication helped)
  • loose seat's canopy needing tightening screws every so often a very low-positioned canopy in the seat, making the seat very small in size
  • no peek a boo window on the seat's canopy

We were happy with the pram. The spacious bassinet was a great advantage, accommodating our child truly up until our baby started to sit by itself. I was positively surprised with the number of accessories included as well.

The push was good, no problem with dirt roads whatsoever. Quite soon, the frame started squeaking, but lubrication helped there.

There was a problem with the seat's canopy. It started to fall down after a while of use. My hubby repaired that by tightening the screws Also, I missed a peek a boo window to see my child when world-facing. The largest niggle of mine there was that the canopy was too low making my 86cm child being too cramped in the seat, not fitting under the canopy.

Would definitely buy it again

  • Sturdy frame
  • Accessories - cup holder, muffs for winter, nappy bag, mosquito nets, rain cover, car seat insert, aprons...
  • Easy to clean
  • A good price for a 3in1 set (2020 - 550€)
  • It's heavy
  • The frame is not the easiest to fold

I would definitely buy it again.

A robust, sturdy pram made in Poland. (If you don't appreciate the argument of a spare stroller in case of a claim, which is offered by some sellers in our country, and you are close to Poland, then it is worth buying it there. Even a 3in1 set there is quite cheaper than a two-in-one set at home.)

It is heavier, but it can be handled with one hand. The changing bag and basket are sufficient for baby's needs and smaller purchases. I don't recommend overloading it though, as the lower suspension suffers. Pretty soon one top suspension started to squeak slightly, but after lubricating with silicone oil it was better for a while. After less than three months the clear plastic cover of one of the suspensions broke off (due to handling when folding the chassis), but this doesn't matter too much functionally. Otherwise the suspension rocks very nicely. Also, you have to be careful when removing the apron on the deep seat, as it is prone to breaking the inner plastic filling.

Overall, we were quite satisfied, although we have no comparison. We got the Mint Grey variant, which people on the street routinely praised to us.

The pushchair isn't quite suitable for a smaller child, as the straps don't quite tighten around him when seated (the baby doesn't have his bum fully back and always jostles a bit to one side). But it's nice that when the baby falls asleep, the stroller can easily be put into full recline. Later on, the sitting position was better.

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Excellent stroller

  • Extended sunhood
  • Spacious bassinet
  • Gel wheels

Excellent stroller. We are very happy with it.

An excellent stroller system. Large enough bassinet, easy folding, great accessories included.

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