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bludn says:
"The pushchair isn't quite suitable for a smaller child"
and gives the Adamex Vicco

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A robust, sturdy pram made in Poland. (If you don't appreciate the argument of a spare stroller in case of a claim, which is offered by some sellers in our country, and you are close to Poland, then it is worth buying it there. Even a 3in1 set there is quite cheaper than a two-in-one set at home.)

It is heavier, but it can be handled with one hand. The changing bag and basket are sufficient for baby's needs and smaller purchases. I don't recommend overloading it though, as the lower suspension suffers. Pretty soon one top suspension started to squeak slightly, but after lubricating with silicone oil it was better for a while. After less than three months the clear plastic cover of one of the suspensions broke off (due to handling when folding the chassis), but this doesn't matter too much functionally. Otherwise the suspension rocks very nicely. Also, you have to be careful when removing the apron on the deep seat, as it is prone to breaking the inner plastic filling.

Overall, we were quite satisfied, although we have no comparison. We got the Mint Grey variant, which people on the street routinely praised to us.

The pushchair isn't quite suitable for a smaller child, as the straps don't quite tighten around him when seated (the baby doesn't have his bum fully back and always jostles a bit to one side). But it's nice that when the baby falls asleep, the stroller can easily be put into full recline. Later on, the sitting position was better.

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