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I had one of these when they first came out and it was amazing! Being able to put the older child at the back with you (either facing towards you or away) makes it much easier to go up and down curbs etc. Then the baby can face towards you at the front.

It was so good that I considered having another baby just so that I could use the buggy more!!!!

  • Easily detachable parts, can be unfastened without assistance of a second person
  • Handle without bending, but can be adjusted
  • High quality materials
  • Folds nicely into the car for how big it is
  • Beautiful design and elaborate details
  • Very large and long

This double pram has served us very well. The price is a bit higher, but it certainly matches the quality.

When choosing a double stroller, we were most concerned that the individual parts such as the bassinets, car seats and seat parts and that they were easy to detach, and that I could do it myself without help. It was also important that the handle does not have a bend system, but is solid - so there is no risk of it breaking when lifting the stroller on a curb, for example. Good quality and secure car seats fit on the frame - we had Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix.

The only downside is that it's huge - it's really long and you have to watch out on the corners.

We were able to fit it everywhere

  • Folding
  • Size
  • Variability

I am satisfied. We were able to fit it everywhere.

Suitable for the city as well as a village

  • Variability in the use of the separate parts (car seat, seat unit, bassinet)
  • Large shopping basket with a reflective element
  • Mesh part of the hood
  • Wide choice of colors
  • Height-adjustable handlebar
  • Difficult maneuverability when entering/exiting pavement (getting up and down curbs)
  • Seat unit not suitable for a bigger and heavier child
  • Rusty wheel screws

Since my daughters have a very small age difference, I was looking for a stroller with a comfortable seat unit and large bassinet clicked on at the same time. The Zoom meets all these requirements.

The bassinet is truly super spacious, and I also like the seat unit. The seat units can be clicked on the chassis so that the children face each other but also face the opposite directions. The seat has 3 different positions. Even though 2 kids ride in it, it is rather easy to push. However, both hands need to be used for pushing, which seems logical for the type of the stroller. A spacious and easily accessible shopping basket is great for big shopping (even our baby bike fits there). The shopping basket has a reflective element. A mosquito net is sewn in the hood. I noticed that during the wet weather, the screws on the wheels started to get a bit rusty.

It is suitable for the city as well as a village. I do not recommend it for uneven pavement. For storing the Zoom you will need a lot of space. However, I don't regret purchasing it 😉

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