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Ideal for travelling


Quickly foldable, ideal for travelling.

Wonderful for shopping

  • Lightweight
  • Large canopy
  • Large basket
  • Compact for the car
  • Easy to handle with one hand
  • Stumbling on the brake (!)
  • Pebbles are getting stuck in the rubber wheels
  • Rattles on uneven surfaces
  • Unsuitable for the forest

Compact and lightweight, more suitable for city walks. Wonderful for shopping.

I wouldn't buy this model again

  • takes up little space wen folded
  • bad to push
  • bad, cheap materials
  • no suspension

I wouldn't buy this model again.


  • Large basket
  • Lie flat seat
  • Light weight
  • None


Lightweight, compact, huge storage basket

  • lightweight
  • compact
  • large basket
  • can be put in full lie-flat
  • non-adjustable handle
  • not very good reclining system

Lightweight, compact, huge storage basket. What I specifically don't like is that it is only put in the lying position with the "drawstring" system, and also that you can't move the handle, so one trips over the brake.

Great price

  • light
  • well designed belts
  • washable
  • canopy can be pulled all the way down
  • not suitable for worse terrain or cobblestones in the city (which I knew beforehand)

Great price, usually these types are quite expensive. I was also impressed with the colour scheme and it is very lightweight. The wheels are a problem for me, but they can be adjusted so they don't spin. When my son moves, the buggy goes sideways and is hard to steer.

Super stroller at a super price

  • super easy to use
  • weight is just over 6 kg
  • smart
  • quickly foldable
  • spacious
  • the turquoise colour is beautifully vibrant
  • we are happy 😍
  • occasional stumbling on the brake
  • the top window bothers my little one, so we have a diaper draped over the top

Great stroller for the road, but also for moderate terrain. So far it has gone over everything 😀 Little one likes it. Super stroller at a super price, I recommend it 😊

So far so good

  • Large canopy against the sun
  • Large storage basket
  • Lightweight and compact for the car
  • Insulated footmuff
  • Adjustable handle, handle height 108 cm
  • Smaller rattling wheels
  • Not really suitable for winter
  • Can't get into the basket when the backrest is reclined

We have had the stroller for about 2 weeks, so far so good. We needed a lightweight, nimble stroller for walking into town, which the 4baby Rapid is. In my opinion, it is definitely not suitable for winter because of the smaller wheels (they also rattle a bit). The height of the handle (108 cm) suits my height of 180 cm as well.

Poor quality

  • ??? there are none
  • It's small - max 80 cm, my 11 month old won't fit in it
  • It rattles, it's about to fall apart
  • In the sand and on the pebbles it'd rather break a wheel than go through it
  • I've read it's up to 35 kilos... can't even carry 12
  • Poor quality

I don't recommend it!!!

Best for quick tranfers

  • canopy
  • lightweightness
  • quick to store
  • terrible wheels
  • the brake is in the wayping
  • looks like it's about to fall apart

Best for quick tranfers, but not for permanent daily strolling. For short easy routes it's fine.

Quite nice


Quite nice. Spacious shopping basket and quite practical. However, more difficult to manage with heavier children.

  • price
  • large basket
  • easy fold
  • hard, no suspension can be felt

We bought the stroller for a holiday... and we still have it at my grandmother's. It's a fairly light, nimble stroller even for a larger toddler.

A great stroller

  • light
  • roomy enough
  • compact

For me, a great stroller.

The quality is not much


The quality is not much. The wheels go where they want. Canopy is good.

  • Apron
  • Large canopy with a window
  • Large storage basket
  • Easy to fold
  • It doesn't have a bag, but that's not a problem - I put on another one

I am very happy with the stroller. It is light and can be folded quickly... It has a big canopy and a big basket for shopping. It also includes an apron.

Good enough


It's compact, and light. It has a large solid basket. However, in the snow, it is a problem to push... I used it during my second pregnancy because it was lighter than the seat part of the 3 in 1 system. It's good enough.

Trochu hrkálka, ale nám to nevadí

  • Lightweight
  • Compact fold
  • Easy folding
  • Drink holder
  • There is no accessories (raincoat, mosquito net, stroller bag...) included
  • The wheels rattle

Lightweight, compact. A little rattly beause of the plastic wheels, but we don't mind 😊

Compact, lightweight, spacious

  • Light
  • Compact
  • Space for the kid
  • Not for off-road use because it has plastic wheels and no suspension on the rear wheels

Very happy. Compact, lightweight, spacious.

Great to drive

  • Excellent in all aspects
  • I have nothing that would be wrong with this stroller

It's great to drive. I'm very happy now. Better than the buggy I had before this...

  • Large basket with rear access when baby is napping
  • Lightweight
  • Lockable wheels
  • Good value for money
  • Fast folding
  • Peek a boo window
  • Less manoeuvrability on terrain
  • Hood has only 3 positions and nothing in between

Of course it's not a full off-road stroller, but for a very affordable price it's a great stroller with a HUGE shopping basket, simple Three positions for sitting the child, wide hood - also with three positions, lightweight, despite the hard wheels easy to handle + locking of the wheels is there as well.

Quite nice for the city

  • Full lie flat
  • Stroller weight
  • Large basket
  • Drink holder
  • Long, so even for larger babies

Quite a nice stroller for the city. Lightweight, easy to fold, sturdy.

Good value for money

  • Light
  • Foldable
  • Can carry two kids at once 😀
  • Spacious storage basket
  • Good positioning
  • Unsuitable for terrain
  • When walking, I often kicked the brake of the stroller with my foot

Good value for money. It has driven two children and still works.

  • A large pushchair
  • Spacious
  • Large shopping basket
  • Large canopy
  • Adjustable handle
  • Easy to fold
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to ride
  • One-handed positioning
  • Brake - I often step on it when walking
  • The pushchair is very difficult to lift onto the kerb
  • Seat belts constantly unbuckle

It meets every requirement I was looking for. Lightweight, foldable, large hood, handle is adjustable, cushioned wheels, large shopping basket, one-handed positioning, wheels ride perfectly.

Minuses for me are the seat belts - they keep coming undone, and the brake - you kind of step on it while walking. Another minus is lifting the stroller over a curb, it goes very hard and you feel like the whole frame is going to break.

It broke down after our first holiday


It broke down after our first holiday 😂 Never again.

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