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pepca28 says:
"Enough for undemanding mommies"
and gives the 4baby Rapid

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Enough for undemanding mommies

  • the biggest advantage with a child over one year old is the upright seat, which I missed with most of the other strollers I tried
  • a huge basket
  • adjustable handle
  • design
  • price
  • it's really a stroller for the city, it's harder to control, it handles the terrain with difficulty
  • absolutely bulky - folds easily, but takes up a lot of space
  • when fully lying down I can't get into the basket

4baby is my third stroller, as I have a Mutsy complaint to settle, I had to make it work. It cost very little (new), with a leg cover, so for that price I didn't expect miracles... You can feel it when I compare a moe expensive stroller with this one.

It has a beautiful design, a perfect canopy size, but it's bulky and hard to ride on the terrain. Especially with a 12kg baby (I haven't tried it with a lighter one). I think that for the price I am very satisfied, it's really enough for undemanding mommies.

Anyway, I can't even compare it with expensive models. It is felt that it is a low price category, so don't expect much. The baby is very satisfied, the stroller is comfortable. The large shopping basket is a pleasure, I can fit half of my shopping load in there 😉

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