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Traveling with a small child in 2021: Best ultracompact strollers of this summer

Apr 2022 | Eli writes & you read in 4 min

How to choose the best stroller for your holiday (or a Disneyland trip)? We all want the BEST - the roomiest, with an upright seat, reasonably large wheels, suspension, large sun canopy, spacious basket... and for an affordable price, don't we? BUT we also know no pram, pushchair or buggy has it all, there's always stroller priorities and stroller compromises ;-).

This is even more true for ultra-compact strollers that were made simply to be, well... small. That is their priority and the main feature, and all else is simplified, removed, or made smaller to make them so. When on vacation, all goes aside - because with all the luggage and stuff to take with a small child, a heavy, bulky stroller would only be a burden. And that is when ultra-compact buggies shine 🤩 (sometimes literally 😉).

To pick the best travel stroller for your trip, we prepared this list of the best, comfiest-possible (given the circumstances) buggies in the ultracompact category, fresh for 2021. I am sure you'll appreciate not only their compact and often one-handed foldability (as well as other features - I mean, this is the coolest stuff for this year 😉😎).

UPDATE: Find the best ultra-compact strollers of 2022 HERE

Easywalker: The joy of pushing

Very expected and particularly popular (in Europe) are the new additions to the Dutch Easywalker's portfolio: ultracompacts Easywalker Miley and Easywalker Jackey. While Miley is a simpler stroller, looks as well as functions-wise, it still offers a lie-flat position and a one-hand folding system.

The Jackey, being a higher-end, more expensive model, brings an automatic fold into the game - just activate it; it will finish the fold by itself. The Jackey pushchair also features a different canopy shape with a sun visor and a car seat, as well as a soft carrycot, insert compatibility to be used from birth if need be.

Both strollers can boast a high. 22 kg maximum seat weight capacity, nice wheel suspension, and UV protection and ventilation mesh in their hoods.

Oh, and - the cool "UAS" - unique accessory system = compatibility with things like a steering wheel or a LED light. Because who doesn't need a LED light to have on the bumper bar.

Chicco: Tradition versus innovation

Chicco Goody Plus is this year's fabric, weight capacity, and car seat compatibility upgrade of the original Chicco Goody. A cool little stroller from my point of view - I mean, one of the very few, it has a lever-operated backrest recline, meaning a more upright seat than most. The weight maximum in the seat is also 22 kg, which is nice. The magic-like auto fold was present in the Goody version already and is still present in the Goody Plus, the second generation, as well. The transparent wheels of a larger-than-average size that many moms praise for the maneuverability should also be mentioned.

Kinderkraft: clean design, budget-friendly prices

If "cheaper" is what you're looking for, I will mention the Kinderkraft Indy. With the clean, modern look, only 6 kg of weight, and the very attractive price tag, the Indy brings together quite a few nice features. The nice pastel colors, waterproof textiles, and style that are rarely seen in this price range are also boosting the impression. There's, unconventionally, a leg cover ('apron') included with the Indy pushchair automatically.

P.S. There's also the new Kinderkraft Nubi awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2021 being launched about now, so there's another stroller to look forward to in the budget-friendly but cool-looking category.

Babyzen: The original

I cannot not mention the first, original ultra-compact stroller, the Babyzen Yoyo 2. Still the sturdiest, the most recognizable, and the one sure to be taken on board of every airline, many moms will still go for this one even if it's rather expensive. One of the other reasons for it to be mentioned here is the new addition to the Babyzen portfolio is the new accessory -> stroller configuration, the Babyzen Yoyo Connect, transforming the single pushchair into a tandem.

Similarly working and worth mentioning here is also the Phil&Teds Go buggy with the Double option, which, unlike the Yoyo, offers a full recline.

Joolz: A quality worth paying for

I feel strongly about mentioning the high-end Jooz Aer as well. Not a lie-flat stroller nor a budget-friendly option, for those being able (and willing) to afford this ultra compact pushchair, the steering comfort and the super high backrest will make up for the cons just fine. You will need to pay for most accessories (from a bumper bar to a leg rest), but the ride is really high quality.

The seat can hold up to 18 kg, and there's even a new 2021 full-featured carrycot available to use from birth with the Aer.

Ergobaby: Comfort for the child

The Ergobaby Metro - now even available in the Ergobaby Metro Plus version - was designed mainly with the child's comfort in mind. The nicely padded seat of up to 18 kg, the parent-facing carrycot option that can be folded with the frame, or the large, funky-shaped hood with UPF protection are simply meant for the child's well-being. And the folded size is truly compact, so, similarly to the Babyzen Yoyo, you shouldn't have any problem taking it onboard a plane as cabin luggage.

Casualplay: Spanish simplicity

The Spanish brand Casualplay came with a whole new portfolio for this year, and there are actually two super-small buggies. I will pick the Casualplay Tour for this article because of not only its small fold and clean, simple look but also the budget-friendly price while offering full-size ultralight bassinet compatibility. You can take the Tour "on tour" with your child, whether it's a baby or a larger toddler - the stroller can hold up to 22 kg of child's weight (at least they claim so 😉).

There's even a double - sibling/twin version of the tour, the Casualplay Tour Twin, compatible with one or two carrycots.

Quinny: The colorful hipster

I can't help but mention the Quinny LDN here as well: it's simply too cool and unique-looking while featuring a highly maneuverable base with chunky wide wheels. There are downsides here - no leg rest adjustability, a bit higher price, and a narrower handlebar, but the premium fabrics, the supermodern colors, the cool harness padding, or the higher seatback just are worth thinking about. For hip parents, I mean. 😎

P.S: I would certainly get this one with a larger - 1-2yo - toddler.

Mamas&Papas: The upright luxury

To finish this best ultracompact pushchair 2021 recount, I will end with the new Mamas&Papas Airo. A very unique, luxurious, Ocarro and Strada-inspired look, the Airo stroller aspires to be sturdy, with a long seat length measurement, and boasts an upright seat! There's even a height-adjustable handlebar, but this one you might want to try out before purchasing since it doesn't really go too high up. And I have to mention those chunky rubber wheels meant to go over grass or gravel 🤩

I hope I helped you with an overview of what cool is out there right now in terms of strollers and buggies for traveling! Don't overthink it, however, and keep in mind that the "how to choose a stroller" is often based on feeling and, of course, finances. Do count on the fact that no ultra compact is meant for everyday use or all-terrain strain, and their small size will be reflected in a narrower, shorter seat space

If taking the compromises as a price to pay, I believe the chosen one will make your travels, trips, holidays much easier by not taking too much trunk space 😎 So put on those sun glasses, a smile, and woohoo, let's go on vacation. Hello, summer <3 Stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy the sun-filled days with your little one!
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