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Easywalker strollers

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Easywalker is a Dutch stroller brand founded in Amsterdam in 1989. Easywalker is well known for their easily maneuverable, comfortable and functional strollers. René Floore left his job at the butchery of his father to develop the first three-wheel stroller in Europe, the Easywalker Classic. This award-winning three-wheel stroller completely changed the view of parents on strollers. Suddenly, the design of the Classic stimulated parents to go out with their child or even jogging and conquer more demanding terrain. Even dads started to love taking their child out in a stroller :) The company is still based in Amsterdam, but Easywalker strollers can be found in 42 countries all over the world. There is a basic Easywalker stroller range complemented with the licensed Disney strollers and strollers inspired by the iconic Mini Cooper.

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