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Is the Joie i-Level car seat compatible with double strollers?

Nikki • 11 Dec 2023

Hi there,

I have a Joie i level car seat. Is this compatible with any double strollers? Kiddies Kingdom have told me it is compatible with the Evalite if using Maxi-Cosi adaptors but Joie have said this is not the case.

Im at a loss to find something that could work for us so any help would be great!


Eli • 11 Dec 2023

Hey, Nikki,

The Joie 0+ car seats will work on Maxi-Cosi adapters for most strollers (perhaps except some Maxi-Cosi models which have shorter adaptors), so it should work for the Evalite with the M-C adapters. However, it is a larger car seat, and it is true that even if in theory they should work, two car seats like that may not fit on a double chassis. The ideal scenario would be to try it out in a store.

If you plan on using just one on it, it should work. And with many double strollers, the i-Level will work, too (especially tandems where one child is behind the other one).

For the most optimal fit and the center of gravity, ask Joie about the compatible options and their own recommendations (especially if we're talking about Joie strollers, they will have their suggestions for sure).

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.