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Inglesina Electa, Aptica, or Baby Jogger City Mini GT2?

Tina • 23 Feb 2024

Hi Eli,

Heard a lot about you and read a lot. I am torn between choosing Ingelsina Electa, Aptica or a City Mini GT2.

I have had a Pegperego Team for my daughters but honestly it so heavy and huge. I love the strollers mentioned above and can’t decide.

P.S. I travel alone with the kids a lot to visit my parents. Your suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Eli • 24 Feb 2024

Hey, Tina,

And how old are your little ones? What's te terrain you usually use a stroller with? I am asking as you put in quite different types of strollers here. To me, the Inglesinas, both of them, are full-faéatured, reversible models better for smaller babies - but they also have higher weight, less space in the (reversible) seat, and are bulkier after folding. It's meant as a system, and for those who do need that reversibility. Also, it's an urban model = harder, smaller wheels.

The BJ City Mini GT2 is a sportier, better-for-bumps kind of light model that folds flat but is not the smallest unfolded. It also makes for a lot of space inside, which is great. I personally would choose that, BUT - with a toddler, with needing something flat, nimble, but also ok for bumpy terrain.

I will also suggest the Oyster Zero (Gravity) here in case you need something like the City Mini GT2 but maybe lighter, not a three-wheeler - a light model nice for traveling while roomy.

If I did not help you enough, feel free to send another question with a few more details ^-^

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.