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A travel stroller for public transportation and plane travel up to 250EUR

AR • 24 Jan 2024

I am looking for a travel stroller up to 250 euros, and while I have checked all the strollers available where I live and I have shortlisted these:

Graco Myavo,Maxi Cosi Lara 2,Kindercraft Indy 2,Kindercraft Nubi 2,Hauck Travel N Care,Inglesina Quid 2.

Actually the Graco Myavo and Hauck Trave and Care are not available in my country but I've been considering them buying elsewhere. I want to use it only for airplanes and traveling by public transport since I have a very good travel system for daily use. Which one would you recommend?

Eli • 24 Jan 2024

Hey, AR,

From your list, I personally would either go for the Inglesina (the highest quality, but unfortunately a rather smaller seat), or the Kinderkraft Nubi 2 (roomier seat, nice price). The Hauck is not worth pursuing as the quality is really low, and I would also not go for the Graco for a very similar reason. The Indy 2 is OK for the price but not standing out, and the Lara, although nice, feel very small, seat-wise, and is incredibly slanted (not upright).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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