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A sturdy, compact 2in1 stroller system - Iglesina Electa, Silver Cross Dune, Joolz Hub..?

Chris • 20 Jan 2023


We are looking for a 2 piece stroller for our newborn (bassinet and seat). We would like something that is sturdy and reliable yet not too bulky/heavy and pretty compact. We also need the bassinet to be approved for overnight sleeping. So far based on our research we are leaning towards the Inglesina Electa, the Silver Cross Dune and the Joolz Hub.

Would you have any advice/recommendations?

Eli • 21 Jan 2023

Hiya, Chris,

From the three prams you mention, the most compact would be the Joolz Hub. It is the easiest to store and put in the trunk, however it has also smaller wheels and the hood near the end of the seat back, meaning a longevity of about 2 years with your child. The carrycot was not certified for overnight sleeping, though - Joolz does not approve of bassinet overnight use, and in a way, they are right.

The Dune, I personally wouldn't get - it is on the bulkier side biut not really more spacious.

If the overnight use of the carrycot is a high priority of yours, the Electa might be the best option for you. It has a lovely, large, super comfy bassinet that you can use on a stand, too, and it is ventilated and overall well made. The seat is spacious enough, though the stroller is not completely tiny when folded. It is ok for the features it offers, however. A nice choice, but only for urban n use - it is not an all-terrain beast, to be honest.

Check perhaps the Uppababy Cruz V2, too, as that also have an overnight approved carrycot, and is on the smaller side (but it is not small per se).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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