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A stroller to take on the plane, sturdy for everyday use, and with reasonable storage space

Iman • 12 Feb 2024

Hi Eli!

I am looking for a stroller I can take on the plane, I currently have the Kinderkraft Indy2 but don’t really like it as it’s not got much storage capacity and doesn’t feel very sturdy. I need something I can also use on a daily basis there are so many strollers to choose from and I’m having a really hard time. From the leclerc Influencer to the Bugaboo Butterfly to Silver Cross to babyzen to Maxi-Cosi Lara2 and soo many more I’m totally lost as to what I should get.

Please help! Thanks.

Eli • 12 Feb 2024

Hiya, Iman,

The good thing to be aware of is that no cabin-sized stroller will have nice storage. Those are the smallest models possible, and thus, everything is made smaller and/or simplified. So even with a better one (there definitely are better ones), don't expect much in the basket area.

Understanding that, we can move on - you want an everyday stroller, pretty much, and there, again, you should know these are small, simple, and with small wheels meaning they will never be as sturdy or comfy as larger models I personally would prefer for using every day. However, if still you're ok with such a model for normal daily use, I would suggest the Joolz Aer(+) which is, from my experience, the sturdiest, very nicely made, and rather comfy to push around. I saw many mums using that as their only model (for a larger toddler also walking on their own). It also has a taller backrest and so I think this is your best bet.

I would not go for Babyzen Yoyo, on the other hand, as it's short seatback, super slanted sitting angle, and overall price-performance ration just doesn't feel worth it at all. Rather, check (and ideally, try out in real life) Cybex's travel models which have nicer seats and could work a bit better for you.

Still, Aer would be my choice for such a use.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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