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A reversible, lie-flat double stroller for a 3yo and a 7 weeks old

Matt • 03 Jun 2024

We have a tall 3 year old and a 7 week old. We are looking for a double stroller that allows for parent facing lie flat for the infant and a forward facing seat for the toddler. Any ideas?

Eli • 03 Jun 2024

Hey, Matt,

I personally wouln't really recommend a reversible model for a 3 years old. All double strollers have less space in general (otherwise would be so bulky they wouldn't be able to go through a normal door or be packed into any car), and a reversible seat automatically is smaller, too, because it's a frame of a seat that goes into the stroller frame. Which means if you go for that, your smaller one will be comfier and you will see the baby, but the older toddler will be always squeezed in, and it will just get worse over time. So I can mention tandems (which have usually a bucket seat) or models like a Valco Ultra Duo, but I know that it won't be very comfy for your toddler, I am sorry.

I personally would rather recommend a side-by-side with a non-reversible seat and a carrycot (which will make the baby face you) - like the Baby Jogger City Mini2 Double. theValco Snap Duo, the Thule Urban Glide Double, or the Mountain Buggy Duet V3. Ideally, tr them out beforehand to see about the fit, again - a 3 years old might just need more space very soon, or a buggy board to a single stroller rather than this, but you know best, of course.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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