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A double side-by-side stroller less than 80cm wide, with a carrycot + seat option

Anna • 05 Mar 2023

Hello Eli,

I keep coming back to your page as it is great!

We have 2 little ones,2 weeks an 22 months old. I would like a double stroller for them which is narrow, as our gate is very narrow (80 cm). Would be nice to have one with carrycot+seat, and later on exchangable to seat+seat, and side by side, it is very important for me.

Also some acceptable folding, as we have a rather small car (Dacia Sandero). Price wise it can be higher range too (but not necessary), as we will buy it used anyways.

Thank you Eli!

Eli • 05 Mar 2023

Hey, Anna,

Thank you for your kind words! What I would look at are either the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double (76 cm wide) which is sturdy and could be very nice pre-owned. Also, the Valco Snap Duo is a very nice option (75 cm), and is nice even for the older sibling (I could use it with a 4yo even). And the Baby Monsters Easy-Twin 3.0S is only 65 cm wide (though take into consideration that the older sibling might be tight in the seat later on), with the insert cot option.

I personally would probably go for one of the first two, but hey, you have options ^-^

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.