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A double for a 2.5+yo and a newborn baby

becksleyeath • 30 Jun 2023

I currently have a 38lb 2.5yr old. I have a Silvercross Pioneer (2020) which is fantastic and on your recommendation, we used an Oyster Zero on holiday and it worked brilliant for us!

I have since found out I am expecting again. Unfortunately, my Pioneer doesn’t have a tandem option and I have only found limited unfavorable reviews for use with a buggy board. My toddler is quite tall and a prominent toe walker, so once baby arrives she may still be undergoing treatment / therapy for this and I would need to be able to push her. I can’t find a larger sized double on the UK market - side by side or tandem style.

The Cosatto Wow XL states both seats up to 25kg but reviews I’ve seen state shallow seats. Other options I’ve looked at are the iCandy Peach and Orange which are also 25kg but on elevators the seat unit is then 15kg (not sure if this applies to both seats or just the higher up one on the chassis). I looked at all of these as they have a built-in buggy board (Cosatto 25kg, iCandy 20kg) too, so thought she would then have the option of ride along or seat depending on if she is tired etc. treatment may include casting at some point so would need an extra seat. Bugaboo Donkey goes up to 22kg and other similar side by sides are the same.

Is there anything I might be missing or that I could maybe ship over from the American market? I would prefer a side by side which can turn back to a single like the Bugaboo or tandem style where you can remove the second seat

Thanks in advance


Eli • 30 Jun 2023

Hey, Rebecca,

Unfortunately there are pretty much no strollers that would be side by side AND had the single option as well. The Donkey is one, and there's one more, the Mountain Buggy Duet V3 which is nice and is worth looking at.

Apart from that, there are only single to double tandems. ANd those will not make you happy, I'm afraid - whatever they state as weight limit usually is not real. YOu will NEVER fit a 20+ kg child in a reversible seat on a tandem comfortably - the seats are simply small, and even if your older one would survive being tight and having the head on the canopy, the center of gravity is just horrible. Getting up. curb is a workout. I am not trying to scare you, just prepare you.

Even the Bugaboo's seat is actually not that big - for an almost 3yo it may be already a too tight fit.

Your best bet, honestly, is a side by side that doesn't convert. I mean well, I know having all in one sounds better, but realistically your older, if really needing to be pushed, will need a bit of space and comfort. And that you will give her in a side by side forward-facing double. I would suggest the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double or the Valco Snap Duo. You can sell these later on when your older won't need a stroler, but if she will, you'll be glad you have this. And both accept carrycot and car seat adapters.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.