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A compact stroller ready for another sibling and a New York city life

Elbow • 08 May 2023


I live in New York City and am looking for a daily-use stroller for visiting parks, using the subway, doing a bit of shopping, as well as on-the-go napping. I want the option of a bassinet and stroller board for future babies. I need it to be light enough that I can carry it into the subway, and it also needs to have a compact and simple fold. I'm not overly concerned about cost.

We currently have the Nuna TRVL, and I'd love something with a better canopy, more comfortable/supportive seat, and bigger/easier to access basket. We also really don't like that the canopy rests on our hands when it's not extended.

Is this too much to ask of one stroller?

Eli • 09 May 2023

Hey, Albow,

Well, you got a travel stroller, meaning it does have multiple drawbacks because it was made to be so small and compact. What you have right now isn't your usual everyday stroller. I personally wouldn't suggest another travel stroller, but if you would insist on the side that you now have, I would look at the Joolz Aer or the Uppabbay Minu.

Moving on from those super small strollers, also check the Cybex Mios (but that one is not the best with a buggy board, otherwise a very nice pram). I would also strongly suggest something forward-facing and mid-size, e.g. the Baby Jogger City Mini2 which is sturdy yet light and easy & flat-folding. The Thule Spring is also a rather nice choice.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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