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A-Day-A-La-Mer says:
"Comfort for parents but not for kids"
and gives the Valco Baby Snap 4 Trend Tailormade

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Comfort for parents but not for kids

  • Huge canopy
  • Quality textiles
  • Sturdy build
  • Spacious seat - this is why we bought, we have a tall toddler who loves to still nap in the stroller
  • Rubber on the tyres rund down very fast
  • No suspension, it is super stiff

Comfort for parents but not for kids - there is no suspension. We bought this because our tall toddler still naps in the stroller and we wanted to provide some comfort for him. The lack of suspension makes this less than ideal, limited to certain situations.

The way the canopy folds is a bit not ideal. We bought it second hand and the rubber on the wheels is super worn out. Also, the stroller weighs 8.55 kg with default wheels and 9.3 kg with Air Tyres Wheels or Infinity wheels both of which we tried and they bring absolutely nothing to the stroller in terms of "suspension"... as one would expect.

We sold the stroller and bought a Kinderkraft Mitzy which just launched a few months ago, and it ticks all of the Valco good boxes, plus more, that is suspension on all wheels, free extras, and half the price of the Valco

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