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The suspension is a bit stiffer

  • praised, any place are we going :-)
  • 14" inflatable wheels can go anywhere and don't make noise
  • stable frame
  • changing bag included
  • spacious bassinet
  • combination of fixed wheels and higher weight - less manoeuvrability
  • width

I have the Turran in a 2 in 1 set with velour covers. No previous stroller has been so highly praised by passers-by :-)

I wanted a rocking stroller because I'm terrified of the way modern ones rattling on old town pavement, and I had an idea that this type of design was the best cushioned. I originally wanted a Navington Caravel or Bebecar Stylo Class, which also have swivel wheels, but couldn't find one in a good price/condition/distance to travel to :-( The Turran was sort of our lifesaver at the store next door if we couldn't get one before childbirth.

The stroller suspension is a bit stiffer - I've definitely seen strollers that rocked more /tried a second hand Ballerina from Babyactive - they can rock beautifully/ - but it's still great against hard modern strollers. As they say, better something than nothing.

It's very roomy. There are long fabric handles zipped on the sides of the bassinet for carrying. Aprons are included, both parts (the seat too) have their own. The shopping basket is wire.

The 14" inflatable wheels are unfortunately fixed, anyway they go everywhere easily.

The weight of the stroller is around 14 kg without the baby, which is a little problem for me in combination with the non-rotating wheels - all that weight has to be lifted, which is quite a hassle uphill with a little one inside and load of shopping in the basket.

The handlebar can be positioned quite generously, in the lowest position my 4-year-old son can reach, in the highest position it's nicely in the hand of my boyfriend who is almost 2 metres tall :-).

A TIP - with my 168 cm and 50 kilos it suits me to put the handle so that it's a bit lower /but still comfortable/ than I would with a stroller and a lockable wheel system - it's easier to push down when bending over.
TIP 2 - in the highest position, I can lean against the stroller and push the weight uphill without tipping the baby... :-D

*I don't know how to fill in the pluses and minuses, because with this stroller the features given are relatively subjective.*

The weight of 14 kg by itself isn't that much meat compared to, for example, some ABC Design strollers that are just over 16 kg. The G-Mini Grand, for example, is something like 12... For my boyfriend, the extra weight is a sign of stability - that I won't just tip the baby out if I grab the handle or hang a bag on it. But the problem, as I wrote above, is the combination of weight with the fixed wheels, which makes it harder to handle a loaded stroller - this is especially felt by those who until recently carried an older child in a lightweight pushchair like me /4baby Rapid, about 6.5 kg/.

The spacious bassinet is also a matter for discussion - the baby will fit in it for a long time, the question is how long he will be comfortable sitting on a flat surface where he can't put his legs down. With a baby, I even mind the way it flies from side to side when I'm riding on heavier terrain. Plus, considering that babies prefer less space... This can be an advantage for a larger baby that liked to nap n the pram in the winter with a footmuff, I had both kids in summer... Unless you try a nest inside :-)

Some disadvantage connected with space is the width of the pram - I have to open the second door and carefully slide the pram out of the small hallway, which is quite a hassle...

The rocking is a bit stiffer, as I said, so the idea that the baby won't move when passing over cobblestones turned out to be sci-fi. It shakes the baby anyway - it just doesn't make noise, thankfully.

If you really want a nice rocking stroller, have the power, a wide entrance door at home, and neglect the wheel locks, you'll love it.

If you're the kind of a weaker parent who can barely carry a carton of milk and who might also be impatient like me, plus you're pretty impatient, scrambling around the front door several times a day will probably soon get on your nerves.

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