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  • Large bassinet
  • Easy folding
  • Chassis can fit anywhere
  • Gel wheels are amazing
  • Big car seat
  • Easy to operate with one hand
  • Closable basket
  • Ventilation on the canopy
  • Comes with a rain cover and mosquito net
  • Perfect for off-road use
  • Drink holder
  • Large stroller bag
  • Even when carrying heavy groceries it doesn't tip over
  • It's light but stable
  • Easy to take off the bassinet and the car seat

For us, simply the best. We only have a bassinet and a car seat, we don't want a seat unit to this.

The stroller is a nice size, rides perfectly in the terrain. We have vineyards and fields around and it goes everywhere without any problems 😍.

  • Looks
  • Low weight
  • Squeaks
  • Bulky
  • Not a very good canopy coverage

The pram (bassinet) is beautiful, quite sturdy. What annoys me - it squeaks, and the seat is not so great anymore. For the price I was expecting a bit more...

  • Spacious bassinet
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to handle - driving, turning
  • Good suspension
  • Gel wheels - maintenance-free
  • Pushchair's seat reclines well
  • Seat is spacious
  • Seat has a large canopy
  • Good service offer, possibility of one replacement
  • The backrest positioning in the bassinet wants fine-tuning
  • Securing the frame when folded
  • Pushchair version a little heavier and less cmopact

We are very satisfied with the stroller. We have been using it for 2 years without any problems. We have modified some things, but I doubt we would find a stroller that is 100% tweaked. The bassinet is spacious enough. The little one lasted almost a year in it. It is well maintained as far as cleaning goes.

The good thing is the reclining of the backrest in the stroller's bassinet. Although the design here is somewhat not strong enough. It sags or tilts to the side where it is more weighted down by the baby. It is then harder to make sure that the child sits up straight.

About the pushchair - it reclines easily. The canopy is large. We had Velcro sewn onto the 5-point harness so the liner doesn't slide around in the stroller. We shortened the strap between the legs as the strap was really long. On the backrest, we attached a net on the underside with buttons to store the raincoat, the mosquito net, the leg cover... which is really big, btw, so it takes up most of the space under the stroller, where nothing else would fit if we put it there.

The gel wheels are really cool. Together with the chassis, they can handle any terrain. The stroller is generally easy to handle. However, if you drive a lot, you have to take into account the higher weight of the pushchair. And compared to other brands, it is also less compact. Following on from this, I'm also missing some sort of lock on the frame to secure the frame when folded. Often when loading or unloading, you have to be careful how you hold the stroller so it doesn't spontaneously open.

I take it as a bonus from the manufacturer that they will provide you with another stroller for free when servicing the stroller. We haven't had the need to use one yet. The advantage is also the possibility of one modification to your liking (customized).

I personally didn't like the original changing bag, so the manufacturer made me another one. Again, I missed the drawstring on the changing bag. When holding with the baby in my arms, the bag then flopped slowly at my knees, which was not great when we were walking.

Overall, we are satisfied. We got more for the affordable price than the previous stroller, which had a purchase price 1/4 higher.

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