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If you don't live in a city, don't buy this

  • Good push
  • Sturdy (if you see this as a pro, like my husband did, in the store. His perception changed once he started to haul it to our appartment and in the trunk of the car...)
  • Clunky
  • Not folding with the seat
  • Heavy
  • Wobbly baby bassinet
  • Buttons are so damn hard to push (this might be a Thule "feature" as we own a bike trailer from and the buttons on that are just as hard to push)

Don't buy this, especially if you live in a city. Honestly even if you don't live in a city, don't buy this. It's super clunky, it's super heavy, my husband describes it as a tank. That sums it up pretty well. It's a nice push but that's about it. Unfortunately, it's also entirely unsuitable beyond 16 months. My son, who is maybe on the taller side, just didn't fit in it at all anymore at 16 months. It's really not worth the money.

Poor design

  • The sibling seat is too small for second child and only fits in the bottom forward-facing position where you would typically want the larger child
  • The sibling seat is small – seat depth only appropriate for smaller child so with twins both seats would need to be same size
  • Very disappointed in the way the design is presented and advertised. Paid a lot of money for something that is not functional for twins. Called customer support, and they agreed with me (not a good sign)

Purchased used for twins, but not appropriate… poor design.

A larger toddler won't fit in the seat anymore, and it's hard to put him in the lower seat. Otherwise, it feels good in my hand - it is simply just better for twins than for a baby and a toddler.

  • good-looking
  • quality
  • sibling-ready
  • foldable bassinet
  • bulky
  • not many nice colors to choose from
  • dark bassinet

It is very nice-looking, and with quite a spacious main seat. We only use it as a single at the moment - and bought it hoping to have a second in the near future. It is not the smallest folded size but it's understandable. I only wish they'd make it in colors as well.

  • solid frame
  • basket is zip-close
  • steering
  • well-made materials
  • unique look
  • nice suspension
  • rain cover included
  • seat is shallow
  • seat wobbles on the frame
  • takes up a lot of room therefore not easy to store in a small flat
  • difficult to carry - on the heavy side and without a carry handle
  • not a smooth fold
  • not easy to get hold of the recline mechanism
  • I'd welcome more recline positions
  • harness buckle

They call it a city stroller, and yes, it's mostly that. I very much like it on paper, but some features could be maybe better thought-of, they may be frustrating. The versatility of the single as well as double use is great - you have various options. AND it folds with the seat attached, which is not always the case. The bulky fold and the not-always-smooth mechanisms nag me quite a bit, however.

A premium stroller

  • quality fabrics & finishes
  • solid chassis
  • on the larger side

A premium stroller: quality fabrics, finishes, and a solid chassis that works well. The carrycot is deep and comfortable. Recommended.

We were deciding between the Sleek and the Vista. We went for the Sleek and I am not sure we did so well. It's difficult to put apart (removing the rear wheels and the carrycot). The frame squeaks a bit. When on terrain or snow, the front wheels get full and you push the stroller by force. I expected a bit more.

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