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  • Solid, durable frame
  • Hand brake
  • Good suspension
  • Soft, rubber wheels that don't need to be inflated
  • Mesh for ventilation at the head
  • Higher weight and volume after folding
  • The front wheel tends to get stuck on terrain and makes the stroller unstable - this requires regular wheel maintenance
  • Cost

At one time one of the best, but also the most expensive strollers. Today it has been surpassed by other strollers. It is high quality, sturdy, but at the same time quite heavy - bulky even when folded. It cannot be folded in one piece.

Both the cot and the seat can be clicked on in both directions, reclining to a full recline and soft padding ensure comfort. The positioning is only in 3 possible degrees - it would be useful to have a slight elevation for children who are not yet firmly sitting by themselves but want to see the world around them.

The carry cot is smaller, the seat is spacious. You can buy a lot of nice accessories, change the covers' colors. The fabric is strong and high quality. The window on the canopy is ok. I like the mesh by the head, where part of the cover can be unzipped and the baby can see out through the net. Our firstborn rode in the seat on his tummy only from six months to a year, until he was sitting firmly, and watched the world through the mesh.

After 3 kids it is fully functional, doesn't squeak, only has cosmetic flaws like scratches and a bit of faded covers. For the garden and village terrain it is excellent.

  • Easy to steer
  • Handle height adjustment
  • Can be facing both forward and rearward direction
  • Full lie flat, seat positioning
  • It has a large storage basket, but sometimes it's a problem to get into it

I never thought I would be happy to use a three-wheeled stroller. As with three-wheelers, one has to be careful when getting up on the sidewalk. Otherwise, the stroller is great. It's not one of the compact ones, but once the wheels are removed, it's quite compact anyhow.

  • Excellent cushioning
  • Rocks nicely, baby sleeps well in it
  • With my son I also had an extension part, which I missed with my daughter - it's the perfect accessory
  • The stroller overcame our brutal terrain just fine
  • With a larger kid, the stability is worse
  • Boring pushchair mode design

I bought this stroller new in 2009 for my daughter, and later used in 2016 for my son (2011 model). Excellent stroller, my only complaint is that it is not as stable as a quad. Perfect suspension, great to put the child to sleep in it. I was satisfied.

Very good, very handy

  • Very practical
  • Folds quickly
  • Lays fully flat
  • It's a three-wheeler - the configuration with the seat, particularly with an older child, was not so stable

A very good, very handy pram and pushchair. The seat lays fully flat. It folds and unfolds quickly.

I like that it is already discontinued for more years, but it is still functional after being used with numerous kids.

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