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Very happy with this

  • great big carrycot as well as seat
  • excellent suspension
  • could be lighter

I was very happy with this stroller.

  • easy to operate
  • I can get everywhere with it
  • heavy
  • hard to fold

It's good - easy to handle and I can get everywhere with it, it's just terribly heavy and hard to fold.

  • Spacious
  • Easily operated
  • Suspended
  • Large wheels
  • Lightweight

Maximum satisfaction. Our best stroller. We didn't use the seat, but otherwise satisfaction.

Happy with it


Happy with it.

  • Super wheels for the terrain
  • Great one-handed handling
  • Distinctive colour fits the city greatly
  • Worse basket access

We bought the stroller second hand and are carrying our second child in it. It still serves perfectly. The wheels are great, we go through every terrain.

A great colourful design and large inflatable wheels that can go through everything.

  • For summer, the opening canopy on the bassinet is great
  • I think it's comfortable enough for the baby
  • The front wheels can be detached for better folding in the car
  • Poor access to the basket
  • Smaller bassinet
  • When folded, the design is larger, you need to separate the front wheels for a smaller car

The stroller is beautiful, easy to handle and can handle any terrain.

It meets the important points

  • Inflatable wheels and suspension can handle even the toughest of terrains
  • Lots of accessories
  • Pushchair version faces both parent and street
  • Pushchair version reclines fully - back and legs
  • Smaller and difficult to access basket
  • Not suitable for small cars - even folded it is bulky

We bought the stroller second hand and had experience with a similar type of stroller made in Germany. Tako definitely has a better chassis, lighter, which is really noticeable. Still, it is not a lightweight stroller.

The colours cannot be overlooked, which is both cheerful and practical. It takes up a bit more space in the trunk when folded, it's definitely not a tiny buggy.

For me, it meets the important points:
The handle can be bent/rotated - the stroller fits in the lift (1 meter in length).
Free, swiveling wheels - I can roll it even in a narrow corridor of a block of flats.
High quality suspension and inflatable wheels - it can playfully handle holes in the pavement as well as meadows and woods.

A super nice color and it steers well

  • Steering

Happy with the pram 👌 A super nice color and it steers well.

We also had this stroller and I was very satisfied! Superb wheels and solid frame even for country roads and paths without asphalt. What I really appreciated when traveling was the car seat, which could also be attached to the stroller with an adapter, and especially served us as a swing or rocker, in which the little one played in the living room and many times fell asleep while swinging. The pushchair is also great, adjustable back and front (backrest, legs), removable belly bar... ☆☆☆☆☆

Everywhere, it is visible


Easily controllable, well visible colours, not grey, dark or white like all strollers out there... like, everywhere, it is visible :-)

Best stroller I've ever had

  • Spacious
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy maintenance
  • Foldable
  • No washing of the canopy

Best stroller I've ever had. Easy and lightweight. Spacious. Nothing to fault the stroller except for the non-removable canopy.

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