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Satisfaction in all areas


Satisfaction in all areas. Easy overall disassembly during washing, which I appreciated when we messed it up with ice cream and crackers...

We bought the stroller eight years ago, it has been used until now. Taking into account that 4 children were "brought up" in it (three of mine + my best friend's daughter), it is still in very good condition. The chassis is solid, the wheels are inflatable - a great combination for winter roads here at home, under the mountains. For me maximum satisfaction :)

Cheap and nicely folding

  • A long bassinet

It was fine... Cheap and nicely folding.

A good and cheap stroller

  • Goes over bad terrain
  • Lasts a long time, my son fit in it even at 3.5 years old
  • None

It's a good and cheap stroller. It's been through just about everything.

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