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Great with the bassinet

  • Big wheels
  • Suspension
  • Large and spacious bassinet
  • Roomy

It's great with the bassinet, but once the baby is walking and you take the pushchair setup with you, this pushchair is bulky and worse to handle.

Perfect with the carrycot

  • Large spacious carrycot
  • Great rocking
  • Wheels that go over any terrain
  • Tall - great for taller moms
  • Large inflatable wheels
  • It's not quite to the city
  • Small basket, or a bit impractical

Great stroller. Perfect with the carrycot, rocks beautifully, no terrain is a problem for this. It is taller, so it suits tall moms too.

With a seat it is also fine, but not quite for the city. Handling it is a bit more difficult and it is heavier after all. We have it in the pushchair version in the village or when we go on a trip to the countryside. For the city, I got a different pushchair that is more compact and easier to handle.

If you buy an adapter, you can also attach the car seat from the 3 in 1 comsetbination to the chassis.

I am happy with the stroller, I would buy it again.

Can handle difficult terrain

  • Large bassinet
  • Large wheels
  • Superb rocking

A great pram. It can handle difficult terrain; over the winter when there is a lot of snow it goes just everywhere. Rocks well and has a big bassinet. I have been extremely happy with it.

  • Large bassinet
  • Easy handling
  • Black colour
  • Canopy doesn't extend enough

We bought the stroller new, in Poland. My son was born in July, we started to use the stroller from the middle of August.

I did not mind that the stroller is heavy. When the weather was windy, it bothered me that it was not possible to pull the stroller's canopy down more and the overall bassinet is too "exposed". Now I know I would have chosen a different color. Otherwise I was very satisfied.

Large, roomy, and fantastic in winter


An awesome pram - large, roomy, and fantastic in winter.

It tackles anything

  • Tackles any terrain
  • The baby falls asleep immediately thanks to the rocking
  • Suitable right from birth
  • Impractical basket
  • Heavy

It tackles absolutely anything - we had it for three kids and if I didn't put too much strain on it (I was even using it to move furniture, 25 kg pool, a child in the basket...) it would probably outlive us all (the brake teeth broke over time).

It is beautiful, the carrycot is spacious even for a 10-month-old with a winter footmuff, and the seat unit was OK even for a 4-year-old to nap in. I still use it to walk in the nearby forest; we just removed the bars above the basket so that I was able put a huge bak in there.

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