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Nothing special

  • good price
  • pretty design
  • like any stroller system, you need a big car boot and the nerve to load/unload it from the car...

Classic 3 in 1 set, nothing special. I had a limited pattern of flowers - it was nice, it fulfilled its purpose. The bassinet was ok for about 6 months, the seat part for another 6 months. After the 1st year I didn't want to be bothered with folding it nor with the seat anymore, since I drive a car every day, so I changed for a smaller buggy.

A classic 3in1 set

  • good price
  • nice design
  • can handle any terrain - at least for us
  • seat unit only up to 15 kg, which at my then 1,5 was not enough... I'd need at least up to 20 kg
  • the seat needs more work...

Satisfaction for me. It's a classic 3in1 set, I had it in green.

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