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  • Lovely look
  • Suitable for the city
  • Positionable
  • Adaptable to mum's height - also seat height for baby
  • Not suitable for frequent travel - lots of folding and unfolding

I was very happy - the stroller met my expectations. I would stay loyal to this brand with my next child.

Beautiful, perfect

  • Stylish
  • Nothing

Beautiful, perfect. For me the best stroller.

Quite happy with it

  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • All fabric parts can be easily removed and washed
  • Only on straight roads, it didn't handle bumpy ones very well
  • When folding it into the car, it cannot be folded in one go - you need to remove the apron first, then the seat itself and finally the frame, to compare with the current Joie Litetrax - there, folding is much easier, it folds in one go

Quite happy with it. We had it first with our first daughter (only as a pushchair), with our second from the beginning with the carry cot.

Our precious

  • Everything
  • Price
  • Price of the accessories

Our precious :) A great pram. I tried over 15 of them, but Stokke won by all means.

It's sturdy, easy to handle. I have nothing to complain about. I can customize it as I want. You can change the design with the style kits.



Perfection 😊 It's just love 😍❤️

The best I've had


So far the best I've had...

It rattles a lot

  • Apart from the two things mentioned in the text, everything about it is great
  • Rattles
  • I can't help myself with my foot when going up on the curb and I'm afraid I'll break the handlebar

Only two things bother me about it. It rattles a lot, well maybe not for someone, but it bothers me a lot - over rough terrain it is so rattly, you can probably hear the bottom of the chassis the most.

And one more thing - when I want to lift the front wheels when going up a curb, for example, I'm afraid I'll break the handle. It bothers me a bit that I can't help myself here with my foot. With the Crusi that wasn't a problem. But that's the price to pay for the look of this stroller.

  • Nice to look at
  • Nice bassinet, just right
  • Option to buy the kits you want
  • Seating size of up to 3 years
  • The folding into the car trunk, otherwise OK

Great for me, except for the folding in the car ;-) Easy to use, and beautiful :-)

It's such a great feeling when the child is so close to the parent 🥰.

A truly high-quality pushchair - materials-, chassis- and functions-wise. Not great for walks in nature, however.

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