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Great small stroller

  • Very small fold
  • Can be used from birth
  • Although small, fits my tall (and slim) 3 year old
  • Easy to fold and unfold (once you get the hang of it)
  • Can be used from birth
  • No problems going up and down pavements, and even ok on grass
  • Takes a moment to learn how to fold/unfold
  • Not greatly padded so I decided to purchase a liner for my small baby

Great small stroller.

Worst travel stroller I have ever bought

  • Very lightweight
  • Folds small
  • Like the easy to recline straps
  • Peekaboo windows
  • You can not push this on grass - even if it’s hard. Small gravel, forget it - you have to drag it backwards, sidewalks, done if no cracks, up and down curbs you have to rip the stroller back on two wheels, even if it’s 1/2”
  • The magnetic straps are awful, they keep popping undone, magnets are not strong enough to stay together and come apart all the pieces as your trying to buckle your baby in. My baby is not even a year old, I can’t imagine a squirming toddler

Worst travel stroller I have ever bought. They should have a warning or let you know - unless you are pushing your baby on a smooth flat surface (airport, mall, asphalt) then this stroller is for you. Also, if your baby won’t squirm as you are trying to do up their magnetic latch.

This is my 4th baby. So I have used quite a bit of baby equipment.

  • design
  • foldability
  • weight & size
  • seat is not upright at all
  • small wheels, nothing for gravel or cobblestones
  • not the sturdiest

A handy size but a very slanted seat. I'd love it to be more upright.

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