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Truly perfect


I have this pushchair and it's truly perfect.

I wouldn't trade it for the world


This stroller is perfect, I wouldn't trade it for the world!

The chassis is basically perfect

  • Sturdy, stable frame
  • Pleasant, easy maneuvering
  • Folding of the wheels option, very compact fold
  • Quality materials
  • An absolutely quiet ride
  • The same width of the front and the rear wheels
  • A comfortable pushchair seat
  • Extravagant design
  • Two hands folding
  • Basket platform with no sides
  • A bit hard to use with a footmuff
  • All the accessories are sold separately, even a belly bar
  • The larges con is the small hood

A truly exceptional pram that catches the eye of anybody immediately (sometimes more than it is pleasant for the driver).

I longed for this stroller for a long time until I dared to get it just because of the design. In terms of driving characteristics, I was extremely happy. The chassis is basically perfect in terms of stability, maneuvering (comfortable with one hand even with a 14kg child), folding (if you need, it can be folded completely flat, thanks to the folding of the wheels inwards), driving even on uneven surfaces is absolutely quiet, no rattling, no squeaking, no clicking ... Of course, it's not a stroller for the woods, but broken sidewalks, cobblestones, even the snow, it can handle without problems.

When driving in the snow, a huge advantage is that the rear and front wheels that follow the same track, so half the effort is enough compared to strollers with front wheels closer to each other. The wheels themselves are not sprung (at least I didn't notice it), but the shape and material of the frame absorb the shocks nicely.

What bothered me very much about the frame was the storage space - a platform, on other strollers I am used to throwing a load of shopping into the basket, which is impossible here, only to pack in plastic bags (there is still a risk of overturning and spilling) - or buying the original bag accessory.

The pushchair part is also unique in terms of shape, it looks very comfortable, the little one liked to spin in it and she also knew how to jump in on her own. The seat nicely surrounds the child, but in winter it is a bit of a problem to push the child into the "hole" of the seat. In the lying position, it's ok, but in the sitting position, my little girl slid down a bit when in a footmuff. Anyway, probably the biggest downside of the stroller is the canopy, it's really small, short, it can be extended a bit, but just with a mesh part - still, it covers only the child's head.

I recommend the stroller for those who like the design and are ready for pleased as well as disgusted onlookers. I also recommend buying the shopping bag accessory to replace the basket, and definitely an extra sun visor. The stroller will repay you by being reliable, high-quality, and a comfortable, quiet ride ❤️

I wouldnt change it for any other!


This pushchair is perfect - I wouldnt change it for any other!

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