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All user reviews of Roan Bass Soft

13 parent reviews

For me excellent


Roan Bass Eco Leather version - an excellent choice! Great maintenance and visually beautiful stroller. Wheels perfect, can handle even the toughest terrain. For me excellent.

I'm putting it aside for the next one

  • Lots of space
  • Comfy
  • Easy handling
  • After a while, despite good terrain, it squeaks :-/

Easy - I'm putting it aside for the next one ;-) For me, despite the more modern ones, it looks nice, not crazy bulky, but it's elegantly light-feeling and great to ride :)

I'll be happy when I sell it

  • Wobbly cot
  • Front wheels jamming
  • Weak chassis

Never again... I'll be happy when I sell it. Weak chassis, and the carry cot and seat wobble on the frame slightly.


  • Wheels great for off-road - as they were inflatable
  • I liked that the stroller is taller
  • I was very disturbed that within a month the plastic joints started to crack, and when the baby was sleeping, the cracking sound woke her up
  • The seat was getting stuck when I was positioning it and I found out that the bar in the back was crooked; after the repair it was ok
  • As for maintenance - Denim Grey colour, very easy cleaning, only on the seat it was always dirty from little one's hands - very impractical

For me an average pram. For the second baby I will not buy it for sure.

  • large bassinet, good for winter
  • eco leather is good to clean
  • inflatable wheels
  • good for worse terrain
  • heavy
  • squeaky
  • very bulky after folding
  • bassinet is moving up and down on the frame
  • bassinet is slanted so the baby's head is lower than its body

An average pram, but we wouldn't get it the second time around :)

  • Large bassinet
  • Lots of accessories (rain cover, mosquito net, blanket...)
  • Large wheels
  • Ample storage space
  • It squeaks enough (my hubby has to grease it occasionally)
  • Its size is not compact
  • The seat will probably remain unused because of the squeaking

Super big for those that are taller, big bassinet even for winter... It doesn't make anyone angry, but I would probably choose another one next time.

Tall, large carrycot, superb suspension, foldable. I was very happy with it, and kept it for our second.

A nice pram


A nice pram, we're happy with it.

Very stable, durable chassis, and lightweight.

  • All-wheel suspension plus a central one
  • Good value for money
  • Front wheel distance too short, it gets stuck

:thumbsup: Good choice. Very stable, durable chassis, and lightweight.

The springs dampen vibrations well. One disadvantage we have (only just found) is that the size of the front wheels is larger than the distance between them. This can cause them to collide when pushing. I have also noticed this problem with other large wheeled strollers...

  • Eco-leather was easy to clean
  • We passed through harsh terrain as well as through snow
  • Air-filled wheels stayed inflated the whole time - no need to reinflate, and we never had a puncture
  • A spacious carrycot is an advantage with a bigger baby
  • Many accessories included - rain cover, leg covers, blanket, changing bag - and the price was very nice as well
  • Robust and heavy
  • Started squeaking quickly
  • The carrycot was kind of loose on the chassis - it moved up and down slightly, and the head of the baby was lower than its legs
  • The huge, bulky seat unit part never got used

It served us while we had it, but we were glad to get rid of it. It had its advantages - mainly the fact that it went through most terrains (even snow), but it was very heavy, and it started squeaking quickly.

  • Great all-terrain wheels
  • I liked that the pram was 'tall'
  • I hated that the plastic joints started to make cracking noises after only a month - when my daughter was sleeping, it was noisy, waking her up
  • The seat unit was getting jammed - after inspection, I noticed the rear bar was crooked; after getting repaired, the problem disappeared
  • Maintenance (we had the Denim Grey) was super easy, but the seat unit always had visible fingerprints on it, which I found very impractical

An average stroller system for me. I certainly wont be buying it for the next child.

  • Quality materials
  • Optimal size of all the click-on parts (carrycot, seat unit, car seat)
  • Easy to keep clean - always looking like new
  • No fading of the eco leather
  • Fantastic wheels, good for any terrain
  • Comfortable for the baby
  • Just for bigger car boots (I cannot fit it in my sedan, only in our combi)

A fantastic stroller system. Very easy to keep clean (I have it in the grey eco leather version) - no dirt stays on since I only need to wipe it with a damp cloth. The wheels can tackle any kind of terrain - cobbles, our holey, bumpy yard which is in bad shape because of our building of the house, and also dirt roads. I love the all-wheel suspension as well as the optimal size of the carrycot - when I compare it to the modern, tiny carrycots where you barely fit a three-month-old these days...

Top class for me


I har the Roan Bass Eco Leather - and I find it to be a great choice! Incredible ease of maintenance, and visually one beauty of a pram :-) Those excellent wheels go through anything - even demanding surfaces. Top class for me.

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