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  • Good seat height so child isn’t low to the ground
  • Lightweight and comfortable to push
  • Decent rain cover
  • Great solid extendable hood canopy
  • Smooth handlebar with good height
  • Quality seat padding / material used
  • Short straps, not good for taller children
  • The brake sticks up. Due to the position of it when you’re backing into a shop pulling the pram up steps it can restrict you from pulling it up over the lip and the break flicks on so when you’ve finally got into the shop (after lifting the whole pram frame up by the sides of it) you can’t then push the pram once in the shop until you flick the break off again (press the green break side to go). It can be a faff and awkward never mind embarrassing!

We bought the Recaro Easylife Elite 2 in Black two weeks ago and overall very happy with it!

We purchased it online from Winstanleys Pram world for a great price of £120 and it included the raincover. We purchased a black cosytoes footmuff separately elsewhere and that fits perfectly with this pram.

My little girl is nearly 14 months and slightly above average for her length/height and weight but by no means so she’s not a chunk or elephant haha! The pram holds her well but I do think she may outgrow it within the next 6-8 months. Mainly because of her height, the straps are already maxed out to full length! However I’m hoping in the next couple of months when the weather warms up we can remove the footmuff so that will give an extra inch on the straps.

Also as she gets heavier I’m not confident the pram will steer as well or the frame will hold or be as solid.
Of course this is a lightweight pram so it’s not going to be as durable or good as your typical heavy 10kg-14kg solid pram system. I use this pram just for walking to the shops to save using our big and bulky/heavy Mammas & Pappas Flip Xt as that kills my back and wrists some days.

The basket size on this is adequate, again not the biggest like your full size heavy prams have but it can hold a few items.

It’s handy having colour coded brakes each side (green and red) but the design of the breaks could be better (see my Cons list below for full details).

If you’re wanting a smart looking, lightweight, simple, no frills pram then this will do the job nicely but just don’t expect it to last your child as long as the standard heavier prams.

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