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The seat was overall worse to handle


The bassinet is quite spacious - like most strollers are nowadays. The shopping basket is huge, but with the seat section it was quite hard to put things in and take things out of the basket. The seat was overall worse to handle - hard to take out of the adapters, the canopy started to fall off after a while and had to be tightened almost every day, so my husband put another screw in there. And it was also hard to position, sometimes it even got stuck that it couldn't be put down all the way. The car seat was fine and compared to others it had a canopy and an apron.

Not a good quality

  • not a good quality
  • doesn't look as good irl

I really fell in love with the look and ordered online. I must say it is not a good quality - the mattress in the carrycot got deformed over time, the seat is very cheap-looking and feeling, and the frame feels like it will break sometime soon. Also, heavy and bulky.

I only recommend the bassinet

  • bassinet
  • large wheels with suspension
  • seat unit
  • car seat
  • fabric quality
  • basket

To use it as a pram with a bassinet only, OK. All other parts I don't recommend.

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