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  • hood falling down on the seat unit
  • heavy frame
  • poor wheel inflation

They say you can't get a lot of music for very little money - and it was the same with this stroller.

Large spacious carrycot


Easy handling, large spacious carrycot...

Robust, stable


Very nice, robust, stable. I am very happy with it. Bought the Dark Grey shade.

Just the weight is a bit much


It's driven everywhere, and we used it with 2 kids. Nice suspension. Just the weight is a bit much, but that's usually taken into account with two-in-one systems. They just could have worked out better access to the shopping basket on the pushchair setup. It's fine in the bassinet as it's mounted higher.

  • The stroller is lightweight
  • Includes a small and large bag
  • Includes a rain cover and mosquito net
  • Easy to ride/steer
  • Interior can be inclined
  • Back can be unzipped to allow fresh air in

We have the pram in a 3 in 1 combination. It is beautifully light. Only the car seat is quite heavy, but it's nothing dramatic.

The wheels are inflatable and the front ones can swivel, so the stroller can actually go anywhere. The back of the canopy can be unzipped so the baby gets nice airflow. There is a net sewn in though, so you don't have to worry about insects.

There is a reclining backrest inside the bassinet, so the baby doesn't just have to lie down, but can also sit in different ways, semi-sitting... The stroller also comes with a mosquito net, a rain cover, a changing bag and a large bag for the bottom of the stroller. The material is easy to clean, so a light color does not cause problems at all. There is a mattress/liner inside the bassinet that can be removed and washed, which is very nice.

  • beautiful
  • sturdy
  • simple
  • capsule
  • heavy
  • the design brakes the wheels when springing

I was - especially when it came to the carry cot - very satisfied. The stroller is beautiful, sturdy, simple. The capsule (car seat) is also great. We didn't have the seat, we had to buy a different pushchair Mainly due to the fact that we live on the third floor with no elevator and no stroller room.

It only has two downsides - it's a bit heavy and when a part of the frame rocks, it stops the wheels - so we put set the suspension on "hard". Otherwise, satisfaction.

My daughter refused to be in the seat unit

  • Design
  • Carry cot
  • Foam wheels
  • Seat unit
  • Heavy frame

Exactly as I rated number 6, it is OK - just OK. It has its positives and negatives.

The carrycot was great, but the seat part was not. My daughter even refused to be in it. Since the carrycot was smaller and my little one didn't fit in there with her footmuff since she was less than 5 months old, I had to put the seat unit on, in which she only lasted in when she was sleeping.

The stroller is very difficult to fold and has a very heavy frame. Otherwise, the design is gorgeous and everyone complimented me on the stroller :)

The seat was overall worse to handle


The bassinet is quite spacious - like most strollers are nowadays. The shopping basket is huge, but with the seat section it was quite hard to put things in and take things out of the basket. The seat was overall worse to handle - hard to take out of the adapters, the canopy started to fall off after a while and had to be tightened almost every day, so my husband put another screw in there. And it was also hard to position, sometimes it even got stuck that it couldn't be put down all the way. The car seat was fine and compared to others it had a canopy and an apron.

Not a good quality

  • not a good quality
  • doesn't look as good irl

I really fell in love with the look and ordered online. I must say it is not a good quality - the mattress in the carrycot got deformed over time, the seat is very cheap-looking and feeling, and the frame feels like it will break sometime soon. Also, heavy and bulky.

I only recommend the bassinet

  • bassinet
  • large wheels with suspension
  • seat unit
  • car seat
  • fabric quality
  • basket

To use it as a pram with a bassinet only, OK. All other parts I don't recommend.

Difficult folding of the seat

  • Good push
  • Pretty
  • Heavy

It's a great stroller, we've made good use of it. Only because of the difficult folding of the seat, we bought a new one - otherwise I would have kept it all the time.

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