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  • Visually shining star between so many gray strollers around
  • Not one, but complete set of strollers for good money
  • Robust and resistant enough
  • Full rubber wheels (not inflatable) combined with simple damping makes this stroller bit unfriendly for harder terrain
  • Clipping patents of golf version front cover has not enough power to keep it attached when pushed by kid, but this can be fixed easily

We picked Gold Leaf variant of this stroller as nice complete package for affordable price. Our daughter is now 19 months old and everything still works fine. I made only one small update for the front cover attachment system of the golf version. Original clipping patents has not enough power to keep it attached when pushed by kid. I added pant hooks to each side of it (there are rubber ends almost prepared for it), and now it withstands anything. I can recommend this one to people who prefer a nice stroller set growing with your kid for walks through the streets of your city and prefer quality / price ratio before having top quality for any price.

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