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Big wheels fit for winter

  • My little girl liked to sleep in it :)
  • The seat part is hard, we didn't like it

Nice colour. Comfortable bassinet. Big wheels fit for winter.

  • appearance
  • rocking
  • large basket (can carry really big loads of purchases)
  • positioning in the bassinet
  • unrefined details
  • too much plastic
  • attachment of the changing bag
  • the brake is fiddly
  • bulky seat unit

The strength of the stroller for me was the retro look and the rocking. I wanted a classic model, I got a classic one.

The stroller is really beautiful, I was often stopped by strangers on the street and listened how they praised the look. It pushes nicely, "the old fashioned way" - you have to lift the front wheels when you want to turn sharply. It can handle almost any terrain - even heavy snow. The bassinet can be reclined. The canopy has an extension, so even when it was drizzling, baby was dry.

But it's unpolished in a lot of details. It's kind of sloppy. A lot of things are plastic - I was worried about where I would tear something. There are only two positions on the bassinet positioning, there is no intermediate position. The bassinet apron cover has a "lift" or whatever you want to call it just for the looks, it has no practical function. In addition, the edges do not fit nicely - it's hard to describe, I would have to take a picture.

The changing bag attaches to the stroller with little plastic snaps on plastic handles, which are (especially in winter, with frozen fingers) hard to undo. Using the brake is fiddly - when I had nice leather boots, I was worried about scuffing them.

The seat unit has some weirdly unshapely canopy, in fact the whole thing looks unshapely. The positioning is hard to do - I didn't always hit the position I wanted until the second or third time I tried. I didn't use it for long though, after a while I switched to another pushchair. What I would want for the price though, right?

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