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Large, spacious, all-terrain

  • It really does go over everything
  • Very spacious seat for a child
  • Lightweight
  • Can be folded in one piece, without removing the seat
  • I really mind the short canopy - in winter it's really a problem and you can't do without the rain cover when it's snowing or windy

Large, spacious, all-terrain stroller.

I appreciated the handbrake

  • Good mattress in the bassinet
  • Handbrake
  • Large seat
  • Three wheels
  • Non-coverable ventilation holes in the hood
  • Impossibility of reversing the child in the seat to face you

I was satisfied with the stroller. I appreciated the handbrake, which comes in handy when there is a steep hill - especially when there is a load of shopping in the stroller :)

What bothered me were the triangular mesh holes at the ends of the roof, through which in winter it blew on the baby. And - the three wheels are good to maneuver, but only at a sharp curve or going down from the curb or from the bus it was a horror!!! Three-wheeled stroller, never again. Otherwise I was satisfied, the bassinet had a good mattress. The seat was spacious plus the leg rest could be raised up so that the smaller child didn't slip.

Handy, roomy, light

  • Light and maneuverable with one hand
  • Large wheels, no problem with winter snow
  • Nice, washable fabric
  • Not the best center of gravity with a large child (I almost flipped it backwards)
  • A bit harder to get up a kerb

Handy, roomy, light... My first pram and it lasted incredibly well.

I can't praise it enough


I was very happy with the stroller when I was able to rent it once for my son who was post-op. The stroller is light to control, the handling is very easy. I bought the same one for my son to take home, actually. We'll see how it handles the winter, but I can't praise it enough. Oh, and it's lightweight. I can carry it with my son inside upstairs and downstairs myself.

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