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In practice, pure disaster

  • adjustable handle (but covered in foam, not very luxurious)
  • safety loop on the handle
  • two equally sized seats/tubs with higher carrying capacity - children can sit anywhere - different combinations, children have enough space
  • the frame is very unstable (narrow, thin bars) - definitely not for two children, I almost rolled the stroller in the curve
  • the wheels have a spring as decor, it is not functional, they do not cushion at all
  • overall it is long enough and thus, the unstable frame is almost impossible to turn, especially as a sibling - it was impossible to go up on the curb with two children too
  • the fabric looks cheap, the hood holds on weak rods and the wind blows them around
  • can be folded with two seats at once, but you need to get used to it - it's not always easy (the bottom seat sticks under the top one)
  • I prefer to fold everything separately

Theoretically awesome. Carrycot and seat in one, foldable, expandable into a sibling model... In practice, pure disaster. I had it in the UK for a review, we gave it only one ride and it was gone. A big disappointment, because the sibling strollers of this brand are quite awesome on all terrains.

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